Let me first say, I love the idea of adding content to existing games to fill the gaps between new titles. Especially when it adds as much to the series as The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony have.

                Although The Lost and Damned add-on provided a more tight-knit story and more realistic feel, it didn't provide the over the top, unrelentless action as The Ballad of Gay Tony did. Also Rockstar is one of the few companies that put out games that i actually find genuinely funny. The scenes with Roman and Brucie, and the new characters of Mori and Yusif had me laughing out loud. Some scenes served to answer your questions of "what were these characters up to while i was running amuck as Niko?" and there were some to tie together loose plot holes, making the game experience feel complete. I almost wished the game was a full title and not just add-on content, but having said that, for add-on content this game certainly delivers.

                The game is just lengthy, difficult and entertaining enough to re-immerse you in the GTAIV world and wraps up the story nicely with a GTA-esque conclusion. Although, I must say, whether this is a good or bad thing, it leaves me wanting more!