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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City Blog Guidelines
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City Review- Adding some life to one of this generation's best games

    When Grand Theft Auto IV released to universal acclaim, apart from some of the obvious improvements everyone would want (more content, more land mass, etc.), it was hard to see how you could improve upon such a striking game without treading old ground... More
  • This game has corrupted children.

    Children have been playing all the grand theft auto which is wrong there are 10-14 year olds playing this its wrong the parents need to be smart and read about the game because it has some adult content parts parents read the back of these games!!!! More
  • GTA IV: Episodes form Liberty City

    Ok, first off, I'm going to treat the two story lines like separate games. The Lost and the Damned was the first one I played. In all honesty, I wanted to get through it first because I wanted save Gay Tony for later. This story has a lot less humor... More