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rockstar does the impossible again

have you ever been smack dab in the middle of an awsome part on gta then looked at the clock and realize that you are late for probobly thout "man i wish i could take this with me" well now you can with this masterpeice. chinatown wars takes everithing you love about gta ads some amazing new concepts and puts it on the this game is not perfect mainly  in its lackluster gunplay,however the amazing open world,drug dealing,cop chases and overall fun factor will make you forget about the your probobly curious about the drug dealing,dealing is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences in gta history.if the cops catch you you will lose all drugs in your backpack,since, crack ,weed and, pills are your main income this truly is a fight for survival .overall gta chinatown wars is a must buy ,well as long as your at least seventeen years old 


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