Some game developers stand out from the rest, Polyphony Digital is one of them. They have been making driving games since 1998(GranTurismo 1.)  For 15 years this company has held strong in leader of the some of the best driving games out there today.

     I personally started with GT3 with my PS2. Then I moved to GT4, which blew my mind.  Then finally came the day when I got a PS3 and GT5. Now that was awesome! Now I have GT6. Now although i'ts the newest driving game, doesn't mean it's the best.


     There are some good things and bad things with GranTurismo 6.  I have been debating for a while about which is best, GranTurismo 5 or GT6. Here is a visual "chart" of pros and cons:

GT5-Pros: GT6-Pros:

Very good menu format Fantastic car selection

First appearance of TopGear Test Track Very good graphics/physics

You CAN trade cars  Great track selection

More online interaction Cool anniversary cars(15th Anniversary Edition)

Great music selection

Lots of cool add-ons


Cons: Cons:

Decent car selection No TopGear test track

Not very good visual physics(car and scenery) Decent format

Bad(in my opinion) car sounds Bad sounds still

Can not trade

      Lunar Mission: GT6


     Now that you can visualize the debate going on, you might think, Wait, GT5 looks better, well in some cases it is, but you have to balance the good(pros) and the bad(cons). When I say format, I mean something like this: 

  GranTurismo 5 Menu

The GT6 version looks like this: 

GT6 Menu

In my opinion, the GranTurismo 6 menu is more straight foward.

GranTurismo 6 has 1200+ cars and 70+ tracks, with more on the way!

Here are some more pictures:


     When you start the game you will enter tutorial mode. You will get to grips with the new physics and controls in the Renault Clio Trophy.

You will take a lap around Brands Hatch, a famous circuit in the UK.

Then, you will get around 50,000cr. and are asked to buy your first car, the new Honda Fit RS.

Honda Fit RS

You will then enter your first race. After that, its up to you. You forge your own racing career.

     In conclusion, GranTurismo 6 is really a step-up from GranTurismo 5. Like almost everything else, the next thing is better than the previous one, and GranTurismo 6 sure lives up to that. This is truly The Real Driving Simulator!