Let me start by saying that I have owned every title in the GT series, I basically grew up on them. And while I do enjoy this 6th chapter in a very storied racing series, I will say from a personal point of view I can't help but feel let down a bit. 

While this is a personal review, I will try to remain as objective in my approach as possible. I am going to break the game down into sections, to make it easier to digest. 

Overall Rating:  7.75 (out of 10) - Single Player ONLY 

Gran Turismo is, by all accounts, the father of modern racing simulators. You can almost certainly see various aspects of the series within other racing simulators. And while GT6 is the newest member to the historic series, it certainly doesn't feel as "new" as you might think. Granted, visually speaking it seems to push the limits of what the PS3 is capable of. But it still seems to hold on too tightly to the past. 

They've removed the ever annoying rank system in Career Mode and added in a "PP" system as restrictive means for races. The PP system is a point system for all of the vehicles in the game. Each vehicle has a set point value, which increases during modification (tuning and aerodynamics). This system essentially prevents you from entering a Lamborghini in a Novice level race, etc. While it does help narrow the gap between your car and the rest of the pool, it isn't nearly as effective as I'm sure they were hoping for. Also included is a star system, where you earn stars for individual races (up to 3 per race) in order to unlock your license test or championship race series for your respective level (novice, A, B, IB, IA, Super). There's also the addition of side races in each division under the guise of Coffee Break, One-Make Races, and Mission Races. 

All in all, she feels very polished in certain areas, but left to rust in others. The lack of innovation and the drudge of otherwise useless racing opponents leaves me hoping that the future of GT is waiting in the next generation to take us all by surprise. 

*Here I will break down individual sections of the game:

Driving:  4.75 (out of 5)

If ever Gran Turismo had become close to what it feels like to get behind the wheel of some of the most powerful vehicles on the planet, this is the game. The handling system is brilliant. Honestly. The only downside of the entire driving experience is the annoyingly boring rolling starts in every damn race.  

AI:  3 (out of 5) 

While noticeably improved from GT5, the AI controlled opponents still move in the same predictable lines as always. The field size does increase as you reach higher level races, but this only serves as a brief inconvenience, rather than a challenge. 

Tracks:  5 (out of 5) 

This is where GT6 shines. New tracks abound, oldies revamped. Driving around on the myriad of different courses is the best experience in the series yet. The repetitiveness is drastically reduced. 

Audio: 2 (out of 5) 

The soundtrack is certainly an improvement over 5, but the cars sound questionably "unique" compared to one another and the unusually over-exaggerated screeching of tires every time you make a damn turn over 30 mph is rather disheartening. Pretty much every V8 sounds the same. The attention to detail here was not nearly as high in respect to other aspects of the game. 

Cars:  3.5 (out of 5) 


Yes, you read that score right. 1200 cars has to be reason enough to get a higher score, right? WRONG. Is it really necessary to have 5 of the exact same make/model/year Nissan Skyline GTR (R34) just because Nissan painted 4 of them in "special" colors of purple? GT6 does a great job of boasting a huge list, however, this is extremely misleading. 60-70% of the cars in this game are duplicates of another vehicle with a different paint scheme or added wing. While all of the cars returning from series titles past are just horrid re-skins that don't belong seen in HD or ever 480p for that matter. The only bright spot, cars are all listed in the dealership (no more super annoying and rotating used car section) now, within 3 sections - NA, Europe, Asia.

Replay:  3 (out of 5)