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Gran Turismo 6 Goes To The Moon?

The latest trailer for sim-racer Gran Turismo 6 is out, and among the many Earth-bound vehicles is a glimpse of a lunar rover. Has developer Polyphony Digital jumped the shark?

We don't know if the studio is just joking around or what, but regardless, the trailer also features some of the game's 1,200 plus cars (including 120 new ones for GT 6) and real-life locations and tracks.

One of the upcoming features for the title is something called GPS Logger. This uses the GPS functionality of your phone or tablet in conjunction with GT 6's course maker to recreate your daily travel routines in the game.

By the sound of it, this feature will be offered as a future update to the December 6 game.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

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  • We landed on the moon! - Lloyd Christmas
  • So, what are you going to race on?  Must be one of those lazy-mobiles you find at Walmart.

  • Lol, geez.  I bet the track will be on the moon!

  • Staff
    Alright, the GPS logger sounds pretty sweet. I'd love to see how fast I could make the round trip from my home to work.
  • I love that this game is returning to retro racing games' philosophy: ridiculous races are resplendent.

  • Not a fan of GT, but this was a pretty good trailer. Although I do think it would have been a little bit better with less music and more engine sounds. But then again, GT isn't known for having the best engine sounds. Also, 1:20-1:22 was hilarious! Anybody who's into cars like me will understand why it's funny.
  • I only hope GT6 does what there previous titles didn't: include more realistic driving physics and damage modeling that effects handling and performance so you don't just drive to bounce of walls and unrealistic crap like that. It would be nice to penalize players running off track or into walls or other cars etc. Also it would be cool if players had to pay for repairs or even have there cars totaled. That would make people learn skills instead of what happened in previous titles.
  • Wish this was going to be on PS4. Might have to keep my PS3 just for this one. POLYPHONICS! MAKE IT FOR THE PLAYSTATION 4 PLEASE!
  • Looks pretty good, but I know why there's only music in this trailer - because GT always had a problem with sounds. I wonder if the cars in GT6 are going to sound terrible again.

  • That's a lot of cars.

  • I'm trying to think of how my drive to work could even work as a gran turismo track.

  • holy hell this song sucks. Couldn't even finish the video. Though, GT has an outstanding history of sh*t music