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Gran Turismo 6

Hands-On With The Gran Turismo 6 Demo

Polyphony Digital has a historical problem with getting its games in front of fans in a timely fashion, but if you want to experience Gran Turismo 6, you can do so right now thanks to the game's demo in advance of its holiday release on the PlayStation 3.

The interesting thing about the demo is that it doubles as an entry into GT Academy 2013 – the latest round of Polyphony Digital's contest designed to find gamers skilled enough to race real-life race cars at competition level. As such, the demo seems to serve less about introducing some of the concepts of the game – including its new physics model – and more about testing your skills. It does feature a handful of races in the Sunday Cup and Clubman Cup events (raced in a Nissan Leaf and 370Z, respectively), but the cash you earn here and the competition you face isn't relevant to the overall experience.

Instead, the challenge and fun lies in time trial races on portions of the Silverstone track in a 370Z.

Here's how I fared:

  • Time Trial 1. Bronze award. Ranked 92,029 in world
  • Time Trial 2. Silver award. Ranked 41,062 in world
  • Time Trial 3. Silver award. Ranked 43,067 in world
  • Time Trial 4. Bronze award. Ranked 37,950 in world

Getting an award in all four opens up two bonus events raceable in a Nissan GT-R, with a third coming on July 28 after the competition closes.

The time trials can be demanding, as your time is disqualified if you leave the track. Ghost cars of your performance or others can be downloaded and raced against as well. A variety of assists can be used, and although the global leaderboards list which ones each racer chooses, it's unclear if the ranking system itself takes any of this into account.

The demo looks and feels like a Gran Turismo title, but it really doesn't do what a good demo should – get me excited for the full-length release – because of its focus on the GT Academy. And as my lap times above prove, I certainly am not prepared to qualify for the competition any time soon, either.

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  • I had fun with it. Got all the gold trophies that I could and will mostly likely play it again next time there's an update.

  • Played it, and I'll think I'll wait for the "actual" next release on the PS4, not GT 5.1. Going by PD's track record, I've got a good 5-6 years, maybe they can use that time to figure out how to handle car damage, and ensure ALL the cars are HD.
  • been buying these games since GT1

  • I am still seeing an issue with the shadows on the track in this demo. FIX IT POLYPHONY DIGITAL!

  • Very disappointed with this game. I did not find it fun at all. Hate me people but Forza 5 looks a lot better then this and plays a lot better.
  • Played the first couple of GT's then switched over to Forza for the last few years.  I have only played a few hours of the GT6 demo and found it to be pretty good.  BUT Forza still feels and looks better (to me).  GT6 demo is not bad at all it is just that Forza is still better (to me).

  • I had some hair-tearing technical frustrations with GT5. This will have to really shine to get me to look that way again. (i.e. the first one locked up during installation after about 2 hours. It crashed my system and I had to reformat losing every save and download, it wouldn't allow network play unless I made adjustments to the advanced settings of my router, and more.)
  • Gt 5 was one of my worst buys last gen. I got maybe an hour or two of play in it. I'll have to pass on 6
  • I've tried the GT6 demo, here's my thoughts: Graphically the game has improved over GT5, the shadows look better, way less jaggy then in GT5. No more V-sync tearing (yeppp, that's the case on some GT5 tracks), the sky map textures are a little bit low quality. One thing that it's going to keep me away from GT6 is the car fixed camera. Since GT5 has came out, I think I've read at least ten posts on the gtforum asking Polyphony to change the stupid car fixed camera. They didn't listen .... and the stupid car fixed camera is back on GT6. Well ....
  • I was sadly unimpressed with the demo.

  • This doesn't feel like a true sequel, very disappointing but it's just demo so we'll see, not holding my breath though.
  • I played the demo today, and i hated it. The car felt and looked slow, the steering sucked, i'll pass.
  • If I didn't look close enough I could've mistaken the second photo for GT5

  • Played it and it feels nice, looks great

  • I went on the PS Store and I was excited to download the GT6 demo, but then I realized it was just a GT Academy demo, so I just passed. I'll most likely download it soon, because I'm interested to see how GT6 will fare against GT5.
  • Yeah, not what I thought it was going to be. But still fun, and I am really looking forward to playing it this holiday.

  • Played it for a while and didn't finish it. Don't know yet if I'm going to get GT6, it looks incredibly similar to part 5. While I played that a lot I don't feel I need any more. Three things they did improve on though: the way the car feels, the shadows and the load times.

    The absolutely horrible menu is back though. I don't know what it is, maybe it's a Japanese thing? I have no idea when looking at it what can be interacted with, it's all over the place. I feel there's no or very little consistency, there are about a million fonts used as well as a million colours and who thought it would be a good idea to put the race name in a light gray font on a light gray background, I'm sorry but that's not a good choice.
  • the new suspension looks great, seeing realistic body roll will help sense relative tire traction. i hope pd fixes the damn menus. and i kinda liked paint chips, it helped paint multiple cars the same color. but i wish we can have real custom color painting this time. AND every car should have interior modeling, or at least a hood cam. i can't remember if there was a hood cam in gt5. to me the hood cam is the best view.

  • Great for all the sim racing Playstation fans, but I miss arcade racers. Here's hoping Bugbear tweaked the drifting/physics model for Ridge Racer Driftopia, so it controls less "heavy" and "still beholden to real-world physics" and is ridiculous, drifty and super fun. Like Ridge Racer (and arcade racers all over) SHOULD be.

    Why doesn't Ubi Soft bring Trackmania to consoles already?

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