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Gran Turismo 6

Naturally, Gran Turismo 6 Footage Looks Amazing

Gran Turismo 6 is coming out this holiday for the PlayStation 3, and developer Polyphony Digital is surely wringing out all it can from the current-gen system to make the game look positively next-gen.

The game will feature 1,200 cars, 33 courses (with even more track variations), and tweaks to make the venerable driving simulator even more realistic. And it will look great.

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  • And why wasn't this developed for PS4?
  • It looks better than Forza on the XBO.
  • If 80% of the cars don't have a cockpit view then i'm not buying it, i spent hundred of hours looking at black interiors in gt5, and i will not be doing it again.  

  • Ill enjoy comparing this and driveclub
  • All driving games look sexy.
  • This looks great. I'm glad I won't have to buy a new console for this baby. I thought it was for the PS4. I'm really excited for this and hope it's better than Forza 5.
  • I have to admit. On first look I can't tell the graphical difference between current gen and next gen racing games.

  • It really does look better than most of the next gen racers I've seen.

  • If these screenshots are from ingame...I can't wait to see what Polyphony Digital and others can do with the next gen graphics. Games will become playable movies. It looks absolutely fantastic
  • I loved the 5th one... not going to buy this one though. Just like I didn't bother with 4th one despite loving the heck out of GT3. The racing games I grew up on... I hate the direction many other games take towards arcadey driving...where is the fun in them. Racing sims irs where it's at. Breaking, gears, correct driving path and overtaking tactics, tyre wear... those are things that make driving games fun.

    Just imagine what they are going to do with the PS4 if this is what they can do with a PS3. This looks as good if not better than next gen Forza or Drive Club. GT7 here I come... Mind pre-blown. :O
  • I really hope they'll get the sounds right this time.

  • Holy butt nuts! that's PS3! Impressive. The game looks dang good, as expected. I'm not too sure about 00:43 though with the whole "new physics" advert, cause I'd imagine that Mazda reacting a little differently in that situation, but oh well. At least the new suspension and aerodynamics seemed realistic. I just want a racing game where it seems like the tires are actually touching the pavement. This and a couple Next-gen racing titles have me hopeful it'll FEEL more real.

  • It does look great until you see it in motion and you can tell it isn't a next gen game.  The cars are great but everything else feels flat and generic'ish.

    But again, for a ps3 game, it is fantastic looking for what it is noooo doubt.

  • Should have been a PS4 game

    Will there be “Standard Cars” in GT6?

    We won’t be making all the Standard cars from GT5 into Premium models, and we won’t make all of the GT5′s Standard cars fully “Premiumized”.

    I am done with lazy Polyphony, Turn 10 gets my money.
  • This looks great for current gen but this does not look as good as next gen racing weve seen from forza and driveclub.

  • The cars look amazing as usual, but the backdrops look a little unrealistic. Oh well.

  • I really, really hope they have Koenigsegg this time.

  • I continue to dream of the day when they add some motorcycles to the game.

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