First off, this game is pretty awesome, if you haven't read the other reviews. So I won't be redundant on what they said. Just a few things I would like to note. 

The game itself can be tricky getting used to if your used to arcade style racing games. But once you get used to it, it becomes incredibly fun. With over 1000 cars in the game and the ability to custom tune all of them, you really get a wonderful sensory overload of wanting to try out car after car. The Photo Travel feature is nice too but it also requires you to know a thing or two about photography, as it allows you to manually adjust a cameras aperture, shutter speed, and other features.  The online community is also fun to play around with. I've made some great online friends through this game.

This game has many more great things about it but I want to stress another aspect that is overlooked by reviews. The company that made the game (Polyphony Digital), updates the game every once in a while to add content, cycle cars in a special dealership that they hand picked, and fix problems and add new features to the game. In the time that I've had the game, they have added lots of new races in the Seasonal Events, and have gone on to put mid championship race saves so you can save the game in the middle of a long championship. They recently added cool racing gear for you and your drivers also that you earn through racing. 

The few downsides to this game that I want to note would be that the game does not feature any clutch for manual transmission. Only shifting. And if you want to use a stick shift or paddle shifters, than you'll have to opt for an expensive race wheel. The nice race wheels for this game are costly even at the lower costing wheels. They are worth it if you really love this game but the pricing is kind of steep. Other disappointments would include the game's extremely limited Course Maker. Sorry to say it, but no, it unfortunately does not let you completely create your own course. It rather gives you some numbers to adjust the courses difficulty, width, sharpness of turns, banking, and a few other minor things. It is not so much a course maker but a course chooser, as the game basically decides the way the course turns out for you.  My last problem with the game is that it barely supports 2-player gaming. It can be a pain when I want to share this awesome game with a friend or family member. I live though, even with these few problems.

All in all, AMAZING GAME!!!