The fact is that I'm a fan of racing games, but I didn't have a great time with this one.  Every thing is ight and polished and it looks absolutely fantastic, but it still came down to the fact that this is a car simulation, and its great at being a simulation, which is its downside.  Many people love this game and I see their points, but I will prefer Need For Speed anyday because there is differnet race types, cop chases, stories, and technology to give you an edge.  This game is just a polished racing game, but that's all you do, race.   You're probably saying "No duh, that's what a racing game is," which is true, but this simulates real races, the same ones that I can watch on TV and not miss a beat.   I can't watch illegal drag racing against cops unless i watch a bad movie, but I'd prefer a game much more.  Listen this game really is done right to a point, but i dont want to play a video simulation, i want to play a video game.