Gotham City Impostors is a newly released first person shooter game on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 consoles and Steam online service. The game incorporates people who have taken it upon themselves to either do the justice work that batman does or spread the havoc that Joker does. The player is then pitted into the fray fighting on both sides of the coin swinging from Order to madness.

From the onset Gotham City Impostors doesn’t seem like much but as the player delves further into the game and looks into the mechanics and choices they can make a not so surprising game begins to show its colors. Aside from the characters running around impersonating two of Gotham’s citizens players are given the several guns to dispatch their foes for the sake of this review I will touch upon some of the guns listed as well as some other items that come about.

Tools of Destruction

I am sure we all have come to understand how weapons in first person shooter games work namely ones in which utilize “standard issue” weapons that range from Assault rifles to launchers whether it be rocket or grenade. Yet for the sake of this review I would touch upon each weaponry category to at least give the reader a glimpse as to what they will be getting into when they pick up that first piece of equipment.

Players have the option of six weaponry options with the seventh being more of assistance for those peoples that value helping their team in a different way. Among the weaponry choices players are presented with the option for rifles, Heavy weapons, Sub machineguns, launchers, shotguns, sniper rifles, and among which a form of assistance “weapon” as touched upon earlier. The weapons are all standard use of which one could come to expect in another FPS game in which the rifles will act like any other assault rifle. The main difference in this game and let’s say another FPS is the way in which these weapons appear. Each weapon has more of a home grown feeling than actually looking like a weapon save for a few selections. A prime example of this would be the thunder dragon in the launcher category. Designed to be synonymous with that of a rocket launcher but instead shoots 2 liters.

With each weapon comes the possibility of modifying each modifier can be purchased only through the usage of unlock keys. Unlock keys are gained every so often from leveling up, each modifier in a sense tweaks the aspects of your weapon’s performance or in some way can help your team mates. As one prime example of a mod is a body odor sniffer which reveals positions of nearby enemies on the mini map. Along with this you can get the stand reflex sight, red dot sight or even a silencer to equip to your weapon.

Along with the two standard fare weapons you can use your character may also carry a support weapon ranging from a proximity mine that is a modified Jack-in-the-box; to that of a regular ‘ol bear trap that one would see in the woods. Gotham City Impostors spares no expense at making the game feel silly but also gives one the tools they would come to expect in certain FPS games. Body armor, Grenades, and even pipe-bombs with the only difference here just like the weapons is how the impostors have shaped and made their own tools of destruction.

Yet the customization of weaponry does not end there as it wouldn’t be a weapon unless we could paint it right? Weapons also have paint job options which we normally call camo for those war related FPS games. Yet unlike those games paint jobs aren’t simply unlocked by leveling up but rather through the completion of weapon and mod related challenges. An example of this is that I had received a paint job through the usage of a silencer mod on my gun thus giving me the Ivy paint job.

Lastly there is but one more thing to touch upon in the weaponry section which actually is not weapon related at all. It is more or less movement enhancers such that one could say are perhaps like vehicles in another FPS game? From grappling hooks to roller-skates and anything in between such as gliders, players can have an old fashioned brawl in the city and outer lying portions of Gotham city.

Ultimately I find the weaponry selection including that of support items and customization 0f said weapons to be quite sufficient for what you pay for in this game. Of course there are those who will argue that it is not enough but overall I would say that for what you pay for it and the amount of things you can do to a particular gun I would say this game jumps the bar and gives more in terms of weaponry than a few other games out there. Couple that with the aspect of body customization in which some weapons only work well with certain body types and you have yourself a recipe for an intriguing game.


This mode titled Initiation is simply a tutorial and gets the player used to the game play elements in the game. The likes of which range from learning how to shoot, utilizing support items and getting the player used to the gadgets in the game. This mode is certainly a good way to get introduced into the world of Gotham City Impostors yet it is certainly not mandatory.

The challenge mode gives players the chance of testing their knowledge of utilizing the gadgets in the game at getting several orbs scattered around the five maps. The player is presented with three challenges levels ranging from Basic to intermediate and then Expert. Basic being unlocked from the get go while Intermediate and Expert require the player to do a few challenges before they are able to tackle them. Each challenge also comes with Experience that can be earned and is categorized in terms of medals which is monitored by time. An example of this system is that a gold medal will be given if the challenge is completed in eight seconds, fourteen seconds yields a silver medal and twenty five gives a bronze. In terms of experience gold nets sixty, silver thirty and bronze ten. The experience points are universal for the challenge levels but the time is altered as the player presses on to higher difficulty levels as more orbs are placed into the map for the player to grab.

Team death match as we all know is a standard game mode that seems to encompass almost all multiplayer games in which two teams are pitted against one another; depending on the game itself it is either a maximum number of kills one must get to or deplete an opposing team’s numbers to zero. In the case of Gotham City Impostors the main objective is to get to the magic number after killing either enough of the joker side or the batman side.

Psychological Warfare is certainly an interesting one that pits both teams against each other in a different way than the previous modes. In [game mode] the teams are fighting over control of a battery this battery is to be utilized for a propaganda machine. Once a member of either team grabs the battery they must attach it to the opposing team’s machine, in which they have 30 seconds to defend the machine. Once the time has passed and the machine begins to shout the opposing team has two options the one of which is they wait it out slapping the opposing team being that the slap is essentially a one hit kill. Or the team may go after the machine itself and destroy it; it is usually in the opposing team’s best interest to go after the machine seeing as there is a limit to how long the machine operates. While it is in operation you do only have the slap attack and cannot use weaponry. In a way psychological warfare is reminiscent of capture the flag.

Fumigation in a basic sense is capturing the flag, but in Gotham City Impostors fumigation comes with a twist. The flags are placed with gas blasters and your team whether it is the joker side or the batman side is to capture the gas blasters and hold them until the bar at the bottom left fills up to 100%. For this to work the team must have either two or all of the gas blasters on their side. Two being the minimum team would need while holding all three would be ideal so that the process of getting to 100% goes by faster.

Each game mode that takes into account multiple players gives the sense that havoc and mayhem can be caused here not to mention that with the five maps that are given from the start one can certainly come to enjoy each nook and cranny of these maps. I would have to say that by far fumigation is one of my most favorite game modes and the classic Crime Alley (one of the maps from the beta) are of my most favorite types of things about this game.


Gotham City Impostors would almost be nothing if players couldn’t customize their characters just as much as they can customize their guns. The fun part of Impostors is having free roam as to how you want your character to look, what you would want to outfit them with and even how you want them to sound. The Impostors of Gotham come in five different body type shapes of which only one of them is female of these five shapes your character can either be an extremely buff and slow character or a small and nimble speedy type of character.

The starting point of each body type labeled tough present’s players with the basic of body types in which the attributes of speed, melee (power) and health are all the same. This is one of the first body types that are given freely to the players to get them started and certainly leaves things open as to whether or not they want to be heavier or speedy. If the player so chooses to take the heavier route they would soon find that their character is slower but they would be able to take more hits and have more power. Coupled with the winged glider which can dive bomb an opponent the player’s dive bomb will have more impacting power than say a speedy type character.

If the player so happens to choose the faster route then they will sacrifice a bit of power and health for the sake of speed. While the tradeoff may not seem as good perhaps to some it certainly can lead to a hard match up in a game of psychological warfare. If a speed character has the battery and attempts to run around the map for the entire duration until the end this could pose a problem for the opposing team. This set up can be even more complicated with the usage of the roller-skates the other trade off that may bother a few people and was touched upon earlier is the inability to have that speed while wielding a heavy weapon.

With each body type chosen players can choose from a range of faces with each body type presented with at least three choices along with the facial structure players are also able to choose voices as well. Voices are divided into batman and joker segments with each playing depending on the team you are on, the best part about this is that voices are not tied to body type structure. So in practice one could make a really heavy tank like character with a high-pitched feminized voice or they could even make the female character have a deep and gruff type of voice. It is in this instance that Gotham City Impostors comes alive! Hearing the soft voice of a sensual woman talking about how she killed you only to be confronted by a hulking behemoth on your screen really does wonders.

Lastly I would like to talk about the Black Market a segment of the game in which players can use their PSN/SEN money to buy things for the game including but certainly not limited to at this time. Clothing attire if one certainly does not want to wait for the in-game currency to build up, XP booster (which doubles also for your team), and Calling card goodies. Later there is supposed to be other content for your character to be released at a later time it certainly would be interesting to see what they might happen to put up.

While all of this that I have typed gives the impression of a good game there do exist some flaws in the game that could certainly be a deal breaker for some. The likes of which comes in the form is the matchmaking set up which does leave something to be desired. At times the matchmaking could completely fill a lobby but once the game has commenced only about 1/4th of the lobby may be in the game. So while Gotham does have some things going for it, it also has a few things it can work on. There also seems to be a bit of lag at several instances before the game starts and for a few people as they are killed. Though I would assume that some of this factors largely in on their connection it still was worth mentioning in this segment.

So in conclusion while it is a good game a very good game for 15.00 one must take into account the aspect of match-making, but to be completely fair the developers have come out and stated that a fix was in the works. The likes of which will hopefully help bring down the lag and fix the matchmaking as well as some tweaks to the current design. It should also be stated that due to this and the announcement of free dlc another review will have to be written upon this change as a variety of things will come about that changes the game. If you were forced to pick just one game from the PSN/SEN store let it be this one you are surely to have a great time.


While it does have some problems at this point if you can get past them Gotham City Impostors is well worth it. If I had to give a score a 9.0/10 would be the score I would give to it. I would also add a big clown smile and a thumbs up.


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