Why a perfect 10? Because 'Golf Story' has everything I want in a game and I didn't find anything negative to say about it. I have to admit up front, 'Earthbound' is in my top five games of all time and I enjoy most golf games. That is why I'm describing it as a mash-up of both. I only heard about 'Golf Story' the week of it's release. Just based off of the description and screen shots, I knew I would buy it immediately upon release. Then, I played it all weekend. Took my switch to work on Friday, to the bathroom until my feet fell asleep, and spent plenty of time on the couch playing the game. I felt like I did playing 'Link to the Past' and 'Earthbound' in the 90's. It was both a unique experience, and a nostalgic trip back in time.

The story and dialogue in the game is what reminded me of 'Earthbound' the most. The plot is humorous in itself, as you control an adult man separated from his wife who travels home to chase his dream of being a pro golfer because of his father. The characters are mostly delusional and irrational, making for some humorous situations. Sorry for being vague, but I would hate to give anything specific away. There is even some Australian slang thrown in with the phrase "sucked in." After looking up its meaning, I now plan on using the phrase on a regular basis.

If you've ever played a golf game, and really as long as you've played any video game, you won't find the mechanics too difficult. Some challenges may take a few attempts, and some seemed impossible until I realized progression was necessary to complete the task, but overall I didn't find myself shouting at the television. The music definitely helped to keep me calm.

While most of the tunes in the game aren't so catchy that you'll find yourself humming them in the shower, they are pleasant in a way that doesn't become irritating. They fit quite well with each themed club (or world) in the game. As an example, Tidy Park, the oldest club consisting of pretentious elders that use antique golf clubs, has a Scottish, bagpipe infused melody. The kind of music I imagine would be heard at the actual St. Andrews golf club in Scotland. 

With the release of 'Golf Story', and the success of 'Stardew Valley', I'm hoping we will get many more retro styled games of the same caliber. Both games I just mentioned could have easily been released on SNES in the 90's and been considered a classic, much like I think most players will consider these games today. I think that is a testament to how a clever idea and dedicated developers can create an amazing game without having a AAA budget or cutting edge graphics. Not everyone will like it or appreciate it, but I think you will know which person you are before even playing it.