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  • Blog Post: A MUST BUY GAME!!!

    When comparing Golden Sun Dark Dawn to the previous two titles, you just have to sit back and just look at how far this game has come. From sprites to full 3D models, from the Gameboy Advance to the DS, this game has really progress, and it has taken quite some time to do so. Gameplay-wise, this game... More
  • Blog Post: Golden Sun Dark Dawn: Old Formula, Same Charm

    Golden Sun is nice, decent hand-held game that lives up to your expectations and doesn't do much else. Never having heard of the series too long before the release of this game, I played the first two entries in the series to gear up for it and after playing Dark Dawn, I found all three to be remarkably... More
  • Blog Post: The Sun Shines Once More

    Back in 2001, as the gaming world was entering a new generation of consoles and games, the "golden age" of the RPG was fading into memory. And then a little game called Golden Sun for the brand-new GBA came and rocked our worlds with its stellar graphics, mind-bending, intuitive puzzles, and... More
  • Blog Post: Orion's Judgement: Golden Sun, Dark Dawn

    It's been several years since the last entry of Golden Sun, and this year, we are finally able to play the next part of Camelot's RPG series. Golden Sun, Dark Dawn takes place thirty years after the golden sun phenomenon of the previous game when the Warriors of Vale helped to save the world... More
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