When comparing Golden Sun Dark Dawn to the previous two titles, you just have to sit back and just look at how far this game has come. From sprites to full 3D models, from the Gameboy Advance to the DS, this game has really progress, and it has taken quite some time to do so.

Gameplay-wise, this game is almost EXACTLY the same as the first two. Some changes here and there to update and provide for touchscreen controls have obviously been added. although a commonly not used feature was taken out, and that was multiplayer battles. which is a shame, as i know a lot more people with dark dawn than the previous two.

graphics. as i stated before, gone are the amazing sprites, and instead you have equally awesome and beautiful 3D models.

Story. it seems that when they made the first two games, they were but prequels to a larger picture, and the new story starts now. as such certain features were taken out to provide this, importing from Lost Age is not there as you start the story as the children of the main characters of the first game. however, the game took 6-7 YEARS to come out, and i was able to beat the story in about 4 days, which a little disappointing. but after a 2nd playthrough, the game did feel a little longer. it was just a shame that it took so long to come out and then only lasted a short while. However the ending is set up to provide for another title which is nice, i just hope the next one will not take have a decade to release.