Golden Sun is nice, decent hand-held game that lives up to your expectations and doesn't do much else. Never having heard of the series too long before the release of this game, I played the first two entries in the series to gear up for it and after playing Dark Dawn, I found all three to be remarkably similar, while still enjoyable. 

Golden Sun plays pretty much the same as either of its predecessors. It still has the turn-based fighting system and the enemies are about the same amount of moderate difficulty. The game probably has some of the better puzzles that the series has offered so far, along with much greater weapons, but the style of the fights themselves still seem to retain their stale sense of danger of thrills. 

The story, despite being decades after the second game, still manages to tie up many loose ends and even bring back a few old faces. The characters' dialogue still seems to drag on for an eternity in an otherwise engaging story that still seems to consist of boring and repetitive character archetypes already seen. I found myself liking the second game's ending better, but Dark Dawn still gave me some reason to like both the old characters and new characters.

Pick up Golden Dawn if you like a typically fun JRPG experience as long as you don't expect miracles from it. It has a solid story accessible to newcomers and fun gameplay to boot. A good B in my book.