It's been several years since the last entry of Golden Sun, and this year, we are finally able to play the next part of Camelot's RPG series. Golden Sun, Dark Dawn takes place thirty years after the golden sun phenomenon of the previous game when the Warriors of Vale helped to save the world from utter destruction. Since then, the legendary warriors had been praised, and scorned, for their actions. In this entry, you play the role of Issac's son, Matthew, who has become an earth adept just like his father. Your friends in this game are Garet's son Tyrell, a fire adept, and Ivan's daughter Karis, a wind adept. The overall graphics of the game reminds me of phantom hourglass with a pinch of Dragonquest that results in a lush, colorful environment that is difficult to dislike. The story however leaves more to be desired with a cliche plot and characters which is disappointing considering the potential it had, thanks to  it's relevance to the previous Golden Sun game. Just like the story, the gameplay is also plagued with various hits and misses. The cute djinn monsters are back and ready to help your heroes through their quest by giving them various abilities and summonings to aid them in battle. The sad thing about this is that with the exception of a few boss battles, the monsters are TOTAL PUSHOVERS!!! I understand making something easier for younger players, but that's why most game developers create difficulty selections for players to choose their difficulty. Another hit and miss is with the psynergy points. Psynergy , which is basically like magic, use points in order to use psynergy. The psynergy itself is fine, but its far too easy to regain, and is almost unneeded thanks to how weak the monsters are. There are also special abilities that are also cool, but give mixed results due to the fact that you only use the abilities randomly and that they don't take away from your p.p. which would have made conservation more of a priority. Another problem I faced was that I became way too capable of defeating my enemies way too early in the game.The one thing that I found no major fault in was the djinn system which gave numerous ways to combine djinn for new abilities and summonings which were all impressive in their own way. I never got tired of seeing monsters like Cyblee and Cristallaux thrash my opponent until the second turn when they usually died. Perhaps one of the better parts of this game isre the puzzles. The puzzles are not really entertaining in their difficulty, but more in their creativity such as the tower of xeon and luna tower puzzles that are based around zodiac animals and planets.In the end, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a good game that could have been better. The world is vibrant, but the story is bland. The battle system works, but only to a certain extent. It may not be the RPG of your dreams, but it's worth playing at least once.