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Gods Will Be Watching

Launch Trailer Reminds You Of The Burden Of Your Decisions

Developer Deconstructeam’s tough decision-based point-and-click thriller game is releasing in just two days. Whether you think you’re ready or not, this intense launch trailer may make you question yourself.

Gods Will Be Watching is a point-and-click adventure-style game that features six distinct chapters, each with their own thorny ethical and logistical dilemmas. Expect to have to attempt to survive torture while awaiting a rescue that may or may not be coming, or decide what is and is-not essential while surviving on a frozen wasteland. 

The decision-based thriller is releasing for PC, Mac, and Linux on July 24. Both a $9.99 standard and a $19.99 collector’s edition are available.

If you think you might be interested in burdening yourself with the impossible decisions coming our way in two days, check out our previous preview. For more on what it takes to survive the brutal world of Gods Will Be Watching, look into news editor Mike Futter’s hands-on impressions of his harrowing demo at PAX East.  

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  • this game is really promising

  • Pre-ordered this game at the start of the month, so yeah, I'm excited.

  • Love the concept, but I don't like it's visual style. I don't see how it benefits from it and it doesn't make sense to take a style like that without it being a running part of the theme or something. Just being a nag, don't hate me.