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Gods Will Be Watching

Experimental Point And Click Adventure Gods Will Be Watching Has A Publisher

Born of the Ludum Dare, where developers have 48 hours to create a video game, Gods Will Be Watching now has a partner in publishing to go alongside its Indiegogo campaign.

Gods Will Be Watching is structured like a point and click adventure game, but tasks players with solving difficult moral and ethical conundrums. You can play the original game that was a product of the Ludum Dare here.

Devolver Digital will be helping to publish the game by matching whatever developer Deconstructeam is able to raise with its Indiegogo campaign. Devolver Digital recently published Hotline Miami and will be publishing its sequel, as well as a number of Serious Sam games.

You can check out the teaser trailer as well as screens for the game below.

[Source: Devolver Digital]

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  • The games looks great (I love the pixel design) but the voice acting is horrible ! I had to mute the video at some point because it was awfull (I hope that they'll look after it). Otherwise it seems to have great potential.
  • This looks cheesy,sick,immoral an dated and I can't wait to put my greasy fat fingers on it.

  • I'm always up for point and click adventure games. This sounds pretty neat.

  • Awful voice over, intriguing concept.


    Damn Iam proud of them,i was around for that ludam dare I played the original version..this is brilliant news,itl be weird to have the team back again.

  • You should probably use quotes or italics because the headline of this article from the front page looks really bad and like you as journalists have no idea what you're doing. It is way too much of a run on headline if you're going to capitalize every word and use no punctuation.

    But on a side note this game does look fantastic.