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God of War Origins Collection

Hands-On With Ready At Dawn's Big-Screen Adaptations

Hardcore God of War fans are probably familiar with Ready at Dawn's PSP entries in the series, but even so, you've never seen Kratos quite like this.

The God of War Origins collection puts both handheld titles (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) together on one disc. Not only that, but they've received graphical updates, trophy support, as well as a dose of 3D. I got a chance to play both games today, and as a longtime fan of God of War, I walked away extremely satisfied.

First and foremost, the collection addresses my only major complaint with the PSP versions of the games; with the second analog stick on the PS3 controller, you no longer need to tap the shoulder buttons to perform an evade roll. Combat feels more fluid and easier to control as a result.

On the graphical front, the overhaul does more than just make the game look prettier. My favorite aspect of the new look is that now you can see more details on the enemies that previously were tough to see on the smaller screen. The world and monsters in the God of War series have always looked great, and now Ready at Dawn's entries prove once again that they deserve to placed side-by-side with the numbered games in the franchise.

The 3D effect was certainly cool (especially when grabbing and throwing enemies in mid-air), but the main reason to pick up God of War Origins isn't some visual wizardry. It's the fact that you're getting two fantastic games, especially if you haven't already played them on PSP. You can see more screens here, and look for the game in stores on September 13.

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  • ima get this. i never bought a psp.
  • god of war is always good

  • While I have no interest in buying this collection, I will be purchasing one or both of these games for PSP this summer(and for cheap too).  They'll make great traveling companions.

  • I find this to be a worthy offering. Bring forth my digital god killer!

  • Mod

    Burnin the midnight oil eh Joe!

    This is what I love about GIO and GI Joe, no matter the hour, they are here for our E3 gaming news needs.

    Did you get any impressions of the tiny 3dtv they had at the presser?

  • I think I'm just going to port them over to my forthcoming PSV.

  • Ghost Of Sparta is My favorite Gos of War Game of all time. And I've played them all.
  • the volume of releases in sept. and nov. of this year is tremendous!
  • this and uncharted 3 will get my ps3 running again. other than that ps3 has nothing
  • If you think Kratos is a shallow anger machine with no story or character development, play these two games. It makes the other entries in the series make a whole lot more sense. Also, these are some of the best games in the series anyway- Chains, GOW, and Ghost are my top 3 (in that order).
  • Is this on PS3?
  • i've played both but i am still going to buy this

  • I never got a psp so i never got to try out these games and i was put down because i didn't get to play them. But now that they're coming to ps3 this is a great opportunity to try out these games.

  • so awesome! can't wait!

  • give me a price and date,and i will kindly hand over my wallet.love this franchise in all its gory moments of being a bad mofo.first day purchase fo sho,naw mean.
  • Cool beans.

  • So worth buying these titles for a second time. Can't wait to see them in HD.

  • And this game will probably get a 10 as well. Considering Gameinformer is biased towards any PS3 exclusive title.
  • i still have the 2nd one on my psp and i loved playing them both over and over again cant wait to do it again

  • This is a must buy and im glad its coming

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