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some tricks to help you get trophies

God of War III

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some tricks to help you get trophies

You can get three trophies easily, kick 50 dogs, blind 100 enemies and set 100 enemies on fire.  The numbers you have to do may be different but those are the 3 trophies you can get all at one part.  You will get to a part in  GOW where you have to save posiediens daughter, and you have to kick dogs through a portal onto a platform to weight it down, well the dogs will keep spawning, so get all these trophies here, you only have a max of 2 dogs, so it is easy to just sit here and kick all the dogs you want, than blind them and than set them on fire witih apollo's bow.  If you happen to kick the dogs onto the platform well go kill them and go back down to where the spawn, this was a easy way to get all these trophies.

Also the Labyrinth part, there is a trophy that you need to make it without dying or failing, and the labryinth is crazy hard, well I suggest to quit if you die and re-load last save, the last save should be at each checkpoint and if you do this, you will make it without dying.  But trust me, you will most likely die more than a few times through the Labyrinth.  One part is with spikes, make sure to grab a harpie right before the spikes all go up, the room rotates but if you grab the harpy to quick you let go onto the spikes, so make sure to time it right, and you will hold on until the room rotates.  There is 2 times you will do this.