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  • Blog Post: Phenomenal-My opinion on the ending.

    This Game is AMAZING!! IMHO probably the best the series has to offer. I would like to say something though that i've been reading on, not only here, but other sites as well. The Ending. *SPOILER* Everyone say that "Kratos was too compassionate" 'Kratos was too soft". Everything...
  • Blog Post: God of War 3 Review (Don't Worry NO HUGE SPOILERS)

    INTRO Well I just beat the game, and I'm glad to say it was perfect. The game is a system seller. It has something for everyone. It has an epic story (with a conclusion that I did like), brilliant level design, the best graphics of all time, a great sense of scale, and imazing gameplay. Presentation...
  • Blog Post: by the power of the kratos

    dont ask, play it
  • Blog Post: can't give it a ten yet

    I've only played the demo, seen the pre order bonuses and read the reviews. But I haven't had the chance to play the full game. But so far the game looks amazing. GI giving it a 10 on both first and second opinion which is outstanding. With Crisp graphics and awesome gameplay, this game will...