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  • Forum Post: (SPOILER!!!!!) GOW 3 ending doesn't fit.....

    .... the story of GOW at all, now don't jump to conclusions, it is an amazing game, in fact it is my second favorite game of all time, also it was a good ending, but not for GOW, maybe another game but not GOW. Here are my problems with it's ending. 1. What the hell happened with athena, she's...
  • Forum Post: God of War III and the perfect 10 score!

    Is it me or that game, even tough it deserves a perfect 10, should have not gotten it? After I read the review, where it clearly states that the story aspect of the game is not that perfect, I expected a 9.5 or 9.8. I can't wait to play it and finish what I started back in 2005, but come on, let's...
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