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(SPOILER!!!!!) GOW 3 ending doesn't fit.....

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  • .... the story of GOW at all, now don't jump to conclusions, it is an amazing game, in fact it is my second favorite game of all time, also it was a good ending, but not for GOW, maybe another game but not GOW. Here are my problems with it's ending.

    1. What the hell happened with athena, she's helpful throughout the entire game, giving you weapons and advise then she all the sudden is nasty, greedy, and power hungry. What's up with that?

    2. Like I said it was a good ending, but not for GOW and especially not for Kratos. Kratos is an unforgiving, merciless killer, he is in fact not a helpful, giving, or sacrificial person. He has always looked out for number 1. So why the change, I know Kratos, AT FIRST, thought pandora was his daughter, but does anyone remember that he was going to leave until he found out he needed her. Again he wasn't going to save her, even after he mistook her for calliope. So what changed?

    3. Maybe it was just me, but I hate when developers say"...this is the end..." and then there's a gay ass twist at the end of the credits that leaves you like, huh is he dead. Can't they just make it definitive?

    4. What was up with zeus. What was that ghost zeus, none of the other gods, not even his brothers hades or posiden did this. Can anyone explain?

    5. Lastly, just the overall, happy ending of it. Now remember this is a GOW game, there shouldn't be, if any happy in here, for the love of "zeus", he killed his family, I mean we see Kratos do the most cruel things and the game itself be a cruel game that the happiness of the ending just doesn't fit.

    And if anyone can help in explaining these things I would gladly take their help. I do love this game and think that all action/adventure games should use this as a standard, and that it should go down as one of the best games ever made.

  • It's kinda funny that Artemis wasn't even Mentioned in GOW 3.

  • thats a good point where was artemis

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