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God of War III and the perfect 10 score!

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  • GOW was good. and could have stood alone as a game. but no, we have to get 3 games with an iffy storyline and GI has to brown-nose the game developers. If i wanted to kill endless hordes of creatures i would buy Dynasty warriors or something. GOW 2 was the last GOW game that i spent money on and it will stay that way. Impressive visuals cannot compensate for an EXTREMELY linear and repetitive game. Heck, FFXIII completely redesigned the JRPG experience and brought even more impressive visuals(not by much though) to the table and it only achieved a 9.25 rating. I think we come to see that the GI staff are predisposed to like certain games over others and unfairly judge them(kinda like the *** rating they gave MAG vs. MW2...)

  • Ok got God of War III yesterday, came home, turned on my PS3 and started playing Final Fantasy XIII. Even tough I want to find out how it ends I can not stop playing Final fantasy XIII, it will take me at least 2 or 3 more days to finish it so I can Play God of War.

    Anyways, for me the end begins...right after I am done with FFXIII.

  • They base their reviews on the genre of the game also. They cannot categorize it in the same one as COD MW2 or BFBC2 because Santa Monica classed it as a 1 player action game. I personally did not find the story lacking as we see a side of Kratos that we've never seen, and then he turns around and takes what we have seen to a whole new level of brutality. So to me, yes, a perfect 10.

  • in my opinion, we need more neutral people to review games like this. if you get a ps3 bias person of course they will give it a 10. gameinformer probably doesn't realize that they're the only site that gave gow 3 a 10.

  • I mean these guys are just getting rash, you want to give a game that was good but not really REALLY good but you want to give FFXIII a 9.25. im starting to have 2nd thoughts about trusting this sight.

  • Final fantasy was a great game (yeah, was, I finished it at last) and I think that it got a better score than I would give it. The game's story was a little confusing at times, the graphics were great and the battles were awesome. Actually I think that they nailed it with the ATB. I can not picture myself playing another Final Fantasy game were the battle dont go as smoothly as they do in this game. But people lets face it, the Final Fantasy series peaked at Final Fantasy VI (Yes, VI not VII). At least we had a pretty game with a somewhat interesting story. Hopefully next time it will be more "FANTASY" based, with elves, and moogles, and airships.

    Now God of War on the other hand I have not started playing. The excitement is there but I want to have a rest fros FFXIII before plunging myself into the GoW story. And about the score, I think that they gave it a perfect 10 because its the last one in the "Revenge of the Kratos" saga. Just like they did with MGS4 (a game that did not warranted that score).

  • @ EMP22  

    Really PS3 Bias? They had two seperate people review it (including Andrew Reiner) and BOTH gave it 10/10.  Both reviews go into lengthy detail on why it got that score and both give good reasons.  The fact is that at no point in the game (according to reviews, not me BTW) are you ever taken out of the action.  It gets a hold of you and pulls you in, something that a lot of other games do not do.  

    FFXIII has its issues.  I agree it is a bit low, but again read the review.  their problems with the game are fine enough for me to agree with it, and though it's flaws are overlookable there are certain things that are annoying about the game (why can't I change my AI's behavior, and why does he inisist on using cura continuously instead of just healing the two characters seperately?).  

    And besides that it is their opinion, so get the *** over it.

  • I never knew the amount of God of War fanboys there are out there.  God of War is and always has been a less than great game.  God of War 1 and 2 were not great games.  God of War 3 follows in this tradition. As much fun as I know it is to push the same button over and over and over again it doesnt make God of War a great game.  Everyone keeps raving about how great the graphics are...really...you do realize it is in 720?  So they could of done better for thier fans but they didnt and you retards eat it up anyway. I do wonder how much a perfect 10 rating from GI costs.

  • GI gave GOW3 two 10s/10 because they found it innovating towards the action genre and the GOW series as a whole, just like how they gave Uncharted 2 two10s. First off, 10/10 is not a perfect rating, and though its is close, it is not perfect. And for those of you that think Sony bribed the reviewers, they DON'T because Sony prefers to use their money to make good games unlike another company that shall not be named (though said company had something to do with the MAG review). Besides, this isn't the first time that a game has been given two 10s. Did anyone complain when BioShock 1 got two 10s? No because it was (at the time) a 360 exclusive. So when a PS3 game gets two 10s, everyone believes that there is something wrong and that GI was bribed. For all of you, 360 fanboys or not, stop trashing GOW3 just because it got two 10s. I played the game, I enjoyed it and I may give it a 10 or I may give it a 9. GI giving GOW3 two 10s/10 is the reviewers' opinion and if none of you like it, then either don't agree with it or write your own freaking review, but at least before you do, have the decency of at least playing the game before trashing it. God, to believe what the Console War has come to.

  • This is the most well deserving 10 they have ever given, God of War 3 is incredible.  

  • Ok finished the game 3 days ago and now I can tell you that the problem that I had with GI giving the game a perfect score still exist.

    *Some spoilers ahead*

    Even though the game looks pretty for me it was more of a "new paint job on an old car". Yeah, the game starts with a bang, like the previous 2 games, but I think that the previous 2 games had a better bang than this one. Just because you are running and killing "demons" trough Gaia doesn't mean that it's better. It definitely looks better, but if God of War 1 or 2 had the graphical jump to these textures they will be far better than this one.

    Then there is the level design.  Ok I know that you have to go to Hades in every game, but this Hades looks a lot different than the previous games, for me that was like a poor choice of level design. If you have showed me Hades and everytime is filled with fire and a red color palette then this Hades level should have been the same. Also if you call a place "The labyrinth" it should be a labyrinth not a few giant boxes hanging on a cave.

    Then there is story, or lack of a cohesive one. It doesnt make sense that you used Pandoras box in the first game THEN have Dedalus make those structures for the Pandora's Box. It should have been something else. For me that was like a lazy decision. And not to mention the "struggle inside his head" part of the game, which for me broke what little of the game was really good. A playable section NOT following blue flames and blood stains and swimming a LOT but also fighting with something should have been better. They could (should) have made that scene a cinematic or something and it would have the same impact.

    Also the game was short, it took me not more than 8 hours to finish it on my first run. And I was maxed out on the weapons, gorgon eyes, feather and minotaur horns way before the last part of the game.

    But there are the good parts. You get to kill a lot of "monsters". And the new additions to the battle mechanics are very welcome. But for me the "magic" moves should have been handled like previous games, not deppending on the weapon you are using.

    Like I said the game looks awesome, and beautifl. But sometimes its dificult to see whats going on, or where are you supposed to go. It's like watching Transformers and trying to look at the transformation animation, it's too crouded some times. Just because you can make something HUGE doesnt mean you have to. For me the level design in God of War 2 was a lot better than in this game.

    The "boss" battles are amazing, Hercules beign my favorite death animation, but they didn't felt grounded on the story, like in the previous games. And I don't know if it was me or my tv but Hera looked horrible compared to the other character designs. Like she had low res textures or something.

    Really after beating the game two times and seeing that horrible ending (which really doesn't make sense) I think that God of War 3 should have NOT gotten a perfect 10.

  • Why are people complaining about the graphics? The graphics are absolutely the last thing you should be complaining about in God of War 3. It has the best graphics I have ever seen in a game and many other people could say the same. Not saying it's the all out best, but it definitely stands up from the crowd.

    We really shouldn't even be arguing about this. A score of 10 does not mean the game is "perfect". Sure it's the top score, but there has to be a limit to how far they want to rate a game (maybe they should start rating 1-75). It just seems if GI had given the game a 9 no one would be complaining.

    Besides, it's just the reviewers opinion. Everybody has one.

  • Was a great game, definitley deserves the 10/10

  • this is the best god of war period. so shut up before some one crys...

  • God of War III is simply the best game I've ever played, period.  

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