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God of War III and the perfect 10 score!

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  • By the by, I've thoroughly enjoyed this debate so far. I can't get enough of playing devil's advocate :)

  • I'm going to try to anwser some of your stuff

    1. A 10/10 game score IS perfect like a score on a test. It means

    that the sum of the parts make everything FLAWLESS. That why we get games on the 9.5-9.8 range most of the time, because even tough the sum of the parts were mostly great it did no compel a FLAWELESS experience. In Dante's Inferno's defense I think that a lot of reviewers were so busy comparing each and every aspect of the game to God of War that they did not enjoyed it..

    2. Even though Dante's Inferno was based on a piece of written work, they took liberties in what they said and did. Maybe one of those liberties was to ad demons from different circles. And at least some of it is based on actual written work.

    God of War is about Kratos (made up) fighting the Gods, takes place in no  specific

    setting because he does not belong there. They used Greek mythology because they liked it a lot. The minions that have appeared in the games are not following Hades on the first game but Ares the God of War. Even Hades help Kratos and gives him a magical power in the first game.

    I know that they dropped the ball by including different circle grunts in different levels, and thats why it did not get a 10, and I totally agree with the score they gave that game. But how come in God of War you get the same cyclops and "Medusas" when in greek mythology there was only ONE medusa?

    3. If the story is much simpler than the other 2 games then that story is certainly lacking. It's like having Batman Begins and for the sequel get Batman & Robin.

    4. I know that a lot of people are talking about "improvements' in the combat style and implementation in the game. But let's be realistic. Final Fight on the SNES had a X,X,Y combo too. So is not that revolutionary, all they did was put the flashing button pressing to the corners of the screen so you can look at how preety it is.

    Also Darksiders keep getting compared to GoW when it clearly feels like Zelda. I actually didn't feel like I was playing Gow when I was playing Darksiders, more like a better version of Soul Reaver. Kratos was not the first one to evicerate enemies and will not be the last.

    5. You say that they tried to make a game out of a poem and then got lost, and also say that they should have taken more liberties with the story. I don't get that.

    6. "I can say these things b/c I've played Dante and read the reviews. I liked Dante well enough [enjoyed the poem way more] but it was no where near a 10."

    I totally agree, that game was nowere near a 10 and didn't get it. GoW should have not got a 10 either.

    7. I am not saying that Gow should deserve a 1.0 either. I know it's going to be a great game and I am going to enjoy it a lot, But that doesn't mean that since I loved Star Trek so much it deserves an oscar for every aspect of the movie.

    Realistically speaking this game should have gotten a 9.8 or something like that. Not perfect (flawless) but near it.

  • Ok ok. So this is how I see it. I dont think it should matter how long a game is as long as its a good game. But seriously... a perfect 10? I find it to be a little far fetched. Its deffinently not the perfect game. If it was a perfect game then I would whole heartedly agree. but this deserves more like a 9.6. its a real goo game but not perfect

  • @ Kenneth Rodriguez

    I think that you should reserve judgement until the game releases, instead of baseing your opinion on someone elses.  Your so concerned with the fact that it got a perfect score that you are setting yourself up to be let down.  Do us all a favor and play the game so you have an educated opinion about it.   Besides, G.I. does not just hand out perfect scores, so this GOW3 obviously did something right, whether you agree with them or not.

  • @Kenneth Rodriguez

    1. How can 10/10 be perfect for a game score when the very act of using a numerical score to represent a subjective quality [is the game good and if so how good] is inherently not perfect?  Show me something in this world that is truly flawless and I'll show you a scam! Even the best things have small flaws that people are willing to overlook and even think that flaws make these things all the better.

    As a side note, the job of a good critic is to balance this subjective aspect against some sort of standard scale. Gamers on the other hand don't have this burden of proof and almost invariably disagree with scores [not all of course]

    2. The fact that the developers made up more stuff with God of War is why they didn't get slammed for it. You would think that people would complain about the lack of accuracy in God of War [the developers even commented to the effect that their original designs for Kratos, for example, was of a true Greek in authentic armor and everything but the average gamer wouldn't recognize it] but I haven't heard any serious complaints. As for Dante, putting the wrong grunts in the wrong circle of hell isn't about taking liberties but cohesion [I imagined that the circles of hell were like apartment buildings in a row, each self contained with no bleeding over between them]

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the only enemies in God of War explicitly denoted as servants of Ares were the Harpies. Barring this though, the undead minion and such had to come from somewhere [Hades, the place not the god]

    Also, there is a Kratos in Greek mythology and this goes back to the idea of taking extreme liberties. In more obscure Greek mythology, Kratos was the most loyal son of Zeus [Zeus' words were his words as they put it on Wikipedia]. Kratos in the game, obviously, completely flips the script with this [he's literally the most defiant son of Zeus]

    3. There are three main Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology and one is Medusa. The "gorgon grunts" on the other hand tend to be fairly constant.

    A simple story does not always equal flawed story [Have you read On My Honor?] It's book I read middle school and I still think about it. Have you read Hemingway? He pioneered the minimalist style [and no I would never be so foolish as to compare HEMINGWAY, to God of War b/c he crushes it every time]. I'm just using him to illustrate that simplicity does not always equal bad or flawed.

    4. Again, we're not talking about huge changes [excuse me if I may I have said something to that effect the last time post] but refinements. All the reviews for God of War 3 say the combat has been refined like never before seen in previous installments.

    Yes, Darksiders took notes from Zelda and God of War but it managed to add its own spin to these franchises like God of War managed to add its own spin to the Ninja Gaiden and DMC formula. Darksiders also did a copy job in its imitation...Dante not so much. If you're gonna blatantly copy another work, at least do it as well at that work [Darksiders did justice to Zelda and God of War].

    5. I'm saying that they should have taken the frame of the poem and ran in the opposite direction [keeping the circles of course and keeping circle specific grunts in their circles.] They should have taken a greater risk with it but they didn't so the score reflects that as well [again putting grunts in the wrong circle is not a risk but a poor design choice]

    6. Again, that's where the subjective aspect comes in. Can you objectively say that God of War 3 didn't deserve a 10/10 or is it just your subjective experience that says it? I can objectively see the flaws the reviews have pointed out and they also seem spot on. Nonetheless, these flaws are either overwhelmed by all the good they've seen or so based in opinion [whether or not you will like the story] that it shouldn't affect the score [not even by 0.2]. The 0.2-1.0 difference seems like it comes down to the critics personal preference.

    7. Not everyone is gonna like it but a lot of critics [even those who didn't like hack n slash type games] agree that God of War 3 made great improvements in almost every aspect from previous games. If outclassing previous games in the series in almost every way doesn't warrant a 10/10, what would?

  • DANG.., I love the God of wars lol now this is a perfect score thats no very often lol...... I think im going to get a ps3 soon or is this game on ps2 also??

  • this is a load of crap god of war gets a perfect score and mass effect 2 doesnt get that crap outa here

  • @worldsdirtiestbird173

    How so?


    See that is the problem. Its like a hype traine. They are telling em that the game is perfect and I will be expecting a flawless experience since it got a flawless score. but when I play it I will be seeing the same flaws they did, maybe I won't mind, or maybe I will (I'm a sucker for good stories).

    What I am saying is that it shouldn't have been a perfect 10 score just because it could have been improved.

    @ Steve

    I'll be replying to your rebutal. But later, I have FFXIII to play.

  • @Chris13

    Sorry man, it's a PS3 exclusive. The PS2 memory capacity literally couldn't handle the Kratos by himself from God of War 3 from what I've heard.

  • @Kenneth Rodriguez

    One more thing: it seems a bit naive to come to any experience with the expectation of perfection or flawlessness, even if others have given what you consider to be a perfect score. You're always gonna be disappointed.

  • @ Kenneth Rodriguez

    I see the point you are trying to make but YOU are one of the people buying into the hype train.  with comments like "They are telling em that the game is perfect and I will be expecting a flawless experience since it got a flawless score."  You are putting way too much faith in the reviewers of the world.  What this review in particular is saying is that GOW3is a 10\10 game but its not perfect. 10/10  just reflects the quality and experience the game offers when compared to others.  I dont believe there has ever been a perfect game nor will there ever be one (Goldeneye was close).  Just take the review for what its worth then wait to decide for yourself.


    Go ahead and cry a little more....  cry foul when you have no idea what your talking about.  

  • What is with all of these ass clowns reviewing the game and giving it a 10 already, despite having only played the demo? No doubt this game will excellent, but at least play the thing first

  • ass clowns.... lol

    I hear you Nate.  It a little ridiculous

  • is it just me or does does kratos just give you the movitation to go the gym and pump some weights?

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