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  • I know the demo is HARDLY representative of the game. And I did play Dante's Inferno (which I loved) and it did not fell flat at all. ALso one of the best final Bosses in this type of game. But when you review a game and say that there should have been different varieties of enemies (which I know it did have, maybe not relative to the circle, but there surely was variety) and then don't take that into consideration on God of War, where Kratos has been battling the same wingued creatures for 3 games straight, is a little bit too convenient.

    And its not the ending that the game informer review state that is lacking but the whole story. And to me thats a big important part of a game. If we are going to say that a game is perfect then it should be. To me Perfect 10 scores should be really hard to get, that way people and developers strive to better themselves.  When you have a game like God of War III, that is just the same gameplay but prettier and give it a 10, I think is lazy on their part.

    To me the score it got is not representative of what was said.

     I know that I am going to love it, and it's basically the reason why I bought a Ps3 (this game and Killzone 2). All I want is for reviewers to simply take into consideration everything they mention in the review when it comes time to put on a score.