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  • @Kenneth Rodriguez

    1. The demo was hardly representative of the game. You see more types of enemies [not including titans or gods] in the video reviews alone.

    2. Different doesn't have to mean completely different enemies. Each of the grunts in God of War 3 are varied in the amount of decay seen on their body parts.

    In Dante's Inferno, enemies were exactly the same and sometimes inappropriate for the circle of hell that you were supposed to be in. People expected Dante's Inferno to have completely different enemies in each circle because the circles of hell are completely different. Putting enemies from the lust level, for example, in later levels was just lazy on the developers part. I can understand why they did this [animating different creatures would take time and space and such] but they shouldn't have used grunts that specific to a circle of hell. And although the game informer review for the game may note that the ending for God of War may be not so good, most reviews including the game informer review noted that Dante's Inferno fell flat during the final third of the game! How is that comparable to only a single moment in God of War 3 that may or may not fall flat. And yes, God of War obviously took notes from Devil May Cry but the reason that people don't call it a DMC copycat is because it took the source material and made it its own. Can you honestly say that if you saw a move list, for example, without reference to God of War or Dante's Inferno, you could actually distinguish which came from God of War and which came from Dante's Inferno? If so, please give an example.