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  • Yeah but what constitue a "PERFECT" denomination on a game? I know it will be a great game, and I am going to have a lot of fun with it, but realistically speaking (or in this case, "speculating") is a game perfect? Doesn't that mean that you can't improve it?

    I read Dante's Inferno's review and something jumped out at me. In the review they COMPLAINED that you get to fight against the same type of "undead". That even though you get your different "classes" of enemies, you will be fighting these types of enemies trough out the whole game.

    So for God of War III to get a perfect score the enemies should be different, EACH and EVERYONE of them. And playing the demo I noticed that this is not true. I beleive that the experience has more to do in this review that the acttual gameplay.

    In my opinion there has only being two games that deserve the "perfect" treatment (at least on the "not that old" consoles), and those two are Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye. Two games that raised the bar so high that even subsequent sequels could not topple it.