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  • Blog Post: Epic scale with ginormous enemies,lots of brutal combat,and you get to bang Aphrodite,what more could you want? (God of War 3 review).

    I'm not a fan of Greek mythology,I actually like Asian mythology a lot more but I enjoyed this game quite a lot,there is something about it's story and visual presentation and gameplay that all click together to make this game one of the better PS3 titles.I've played the first two God of... More
  • Blog Post: The angriest game ever.

    God Of War is known for being one of the angriest game franchises on any console and the games are a lot of fun too, but they are all pretty much the same... God Of War 3 hasn't changed much since the second one, which isn't a bad thing but it isn't a good thing either. The mechanics to the... More
  • Blog Post: God of War 3: Kratos is back, and he's mad as he was before

    When it comes to action, no series delivers like God of War. Released for the Playstation 2 in 2005, the original God of War took the gaming world by storm and its sequels and prequels are some of the finest action titles ever released. Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the series, has consistently... More
  • Blog Post: So Epig

    Okay so I hadn't played any god of war games before I played this one so I didnt really know why I was kicking butt, but from the beginning of the game to where you battle Hades, I had been convinced my money was already well spent. Coming in to the franchise in the third game was a little strange... More
  • Blog Post: AMAZING !!!

    This game is amazing. It looks amazing, the voice work is awesome. There is plenty of m rated gore to keep God of War fans into it. What else did we expect. This game does a series justice with one of the best triquels ever. Great game with a fantastic story. You'll be playing for days. More
  • Blog Post: Kratos demolishes everything in God of war 3

    I remember when God of war 3 came out. It looked cool, but just didn't looked like something I would like. Then, a few days ago I was like what the heck and rented the game for the week. I must tell you, if you have a PS3, you should try this. This is Kratos last stand, and he's victorious. The... More
  • Blog Post: Kratos' Final Quest: God of War III Review

    Overview: Ever since 2005, The God of War series has set the bar for not only brutality and cinematic presentation in a action game but also what top of the line graphics were supposed to be. The third (well technically 5th) installment of the God of War series is no exception. You would be hard pressed... More
  • Blog Post: Undeniably Pretty

    This game has the best graphics I've ever seen and has a tremendously epic presentation that succeeds in drawing the player into the game with manificent and detailed giant bosses, but it just didn't excite me the way the original did. The combat is the same polished system used in the other... More
  • Blog Post: Kratos is back and better than ever

    When I played the first two God of War games, it blew my mind. The mix of many different genres combined with incredible combat and great boss battles made them maybe the best games on the PS2. I couldn't imagine how God of War 3 could possibly up the ante, but it did that and more. Prepare to go... More
  • Blog Post: Game Over... continue? God of War 3

    I’ve always been into Greek mythology. The stories of the Olympian gods always stuck with me because, while immortal and powerful, they were still so tragically... human. These tales served a purpose; to explain the unexplainable. The squabbling and bickering of the immortals on Olympus provided... More
  • Blog Post: best GoW game

    This game is the best game ever. i have been playing the God of war games since they came out and i just love this addition to the series. this game is just jaw-dropping and a should-buy game for everyone. the story line, graphics, and just they way you can play is awesome. the stages are brilliant. More
  • Blog Post: Epic!!!!

    This game was amazing. There was nothing I found wrong with it, except it could have been a little longer. The game play was amazing and the new weapons were great. There was never a dull moment and just about every scene had something explosive about it. The graphics were also amazing. More
  • Blog Post: Kratos clams back the god war title

    The best game this year so far with amazing grahics and amazing storyline this is a great way to end the story of kratos. More
  • Blog Post: God of War III - Simply Amazing.

    The God of War saga does it again! This game has everything, amazing gameplay spectacular graphics, and an interesting story line! The power-ups are addicting, the monsters are brilliantly designed, and the boss fights are just unbelievably fun! One thing i really enjoy, is that its almost impossible... More
  • Blog Post: Good, but not Great

    I went into the third game expecting a change from the slightly boring common fighting style that this game has had since the beginning. I was disappointed, but fortunately for me there were the amazing cinematics and epic boss battles. I have come to realize that God of War is just mindless fighting... More
  • Blog Post: Zeus!!! Here is my REVIEW!!!!!

    Now I have been a God of War fan ever since I played the demo, so far this is the only series that has made to the point where I could not put controller. With this fourth installment (I am counting the god of war game on the psp) they have taken it to new heights showing not only what games can do but... More
  • Blog Post: One of the Greatest Games of All Time

    I've been playing God of War since its first game came out in 2005 and have not been disappointed with each release. God of War 3 is an exellent looking game especially if you have and HDTV. The most important part of every game is the gameplay though not much has changed from every other game it... More
  • Blog Post: Epicness incarnate

    This is the best game in the seris. Yes there might be a couple of small things wrong with it but the gameplay and being able to just treat the greek gods like trash is amazing. The graphics are awesome, the weapons are sublime and the ways to kill your enemies make this game so sweet and these are just... More
  • Blog Post: Phenomenal-My opinion on the ending.

    This Game is AMAZING!! IMHO probably the best the series has to offer. I would like to say something though that i've been reading on, not only here, but other sites as well. The Ending. *SPOILER* Everyone say that "Kratos was too compassionate" 'Kratos was too soft". Everything... More
  • Blog Post: God of War 3 review

    I only have one word for this game and that word is awesome! This game i jaw dropping in every way. Since this is their first game on the Playstation 3, this is one of the ways they say "Hey, our games are awesome.". this game will probably be nominated for Game of the Year. Its bloody and... More
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