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  • Blog Post: God of War 3: Kratos is back, and he's mad as he was before

    When it comes to action, no series delivers like God of War. Released for the Playstation 2 in 2005, the original God of War took the gaming world by storm and its sequels and prequels are some of the finest action titles ever released. Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the series, has consistently... More
  • Blog Post: Phenomenal-My opinion on the ending.

    This Game is AMAZING!! IMHO probably the best the series has to offer. I would like to say something though that i've been reading on, not only here, but other sites as well. The Ending. *SPOILER* Everyone say that "Kratos was too compassionate" 'Kratos was too soft". Everything... More
  • Blog Post: God of War 3 review

    I only have one word for this game and that word is awesome! This game i jaw dropping in every way. Since this is their first game on the Playstation 3, this is one of the ways they say "Hey, our games are awesome.". this game will probably be nominated for Game of the Year. Its bloody and... More
  • Blog Post: SCEA has done it again! Hopefully not for the last time though...

    So you're all going to ask, "Why the 9.75? Why not just give it a full 10? It deserved it". For the most part, yes it did. The game was a blast to play, and it was nice to see Kratos in his full HD glory. I loved ripping guts out of some enemies, and completely ripping apart others. This... More
  • Blog Post: Best God Of War Yet To Finish it Up.

    I can not even find a way to describe how amazing it was playing this game. I could not help but keep trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor seeming almost every five minutes. I would look up at the clock and what had seemed like a half an hour had been about 3 hours. This has been the best game in... More
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