Ever since 2005, The God of War series has set the bar for not only brutality and cinematic presentation in a action game but also what top of the line graphics were supposed to be. The third (well technically 5th) installment of the God of War series is no exception. You would be hard pressed to find a game on the PlayStation 3 that looks crisper graphically as God of War III. In the final installment of Kratos' story you finally see what happened after the conclusion if God of War II, much like it's predecessors GoWIII's story is told in a cinematic fashion that you can easily get into, and not want to put down, even after you finish the story.

Now, without further rambling, onto the review.


Personally, I feel the God of War series would make a damn good hollywood movie (given of couse, it's given the right cast and crew, but that's beyond the point). The plot, if you aren't familiar with the story (and if you aren't I reccomend picking up the first two games (that I've previously reviewed), but if not, I can quickly fill in the blanks, Kratos was a Spartan warrior who served Ares, the Greek God of War (hence the name), before being betrayed by Ares himself and embarks on a vengeful quest to kill Ares (spoiler alert: he does). He then angers Zeus and starts another great war.

More or less, that's the story, as spoiler free, and condensed as I can,


If my creaming in the intro doesn't make it obvious enough, the graphics are as good as you're gonna get on the PS3, even the littlest aspects of the scenery and characters are amazingly done, it can get overwhelming at times.


The sound, much like the graphics, were really well done. From the voice acting, to the music, to the enviromental noises (footsteps, water running etc.) very well done, unlike some games the sounds of Kratos' footsteps, his blade ripping flesh and various enemy cries don't get on your nerves.


Very easy to pick up and play. Hardcore and casual gamers alike won't have any trouble adapting quickly to the controller layout (that is FLAWLESS), a wide variety of weapons and special moves as well as a wide variety of enemies and bosses makes for some very fun fighting in-game.


The story is very well written, and just as easy to follow (if only the same could be said about more games). You'll find yourself entralled in the story from the get-go. Very hard game to put down. I can guarantee you'll want to play this game over and over again.


This game has the same issues with many other offline single player games; once you complete the main story there is limited appeal. But, with all the unlockable treasures, that have came to be one of the series' trademarks you'll be popping this disk in for awhile after you finish.