I went into the third game expecting a change from the slightly boring common fighting style that this game has had since the beginning.  I was disappointed, but fortunately for me there were the amazing cinematics and epic boss battles.  I have come to realize that God of War is just mindless fighting, where button mashing is just as successful as the brainless fighting that you do when you are actually trying.  The puzzles are also unstimulating and pointless.  God of War III even has a section where you are fighting mindlessly while inside a pointless puzzle. 

     I may seem like a kill-joy, or even a *** to some standards, but I just do not agree with a ten out of ten rating.  For all these downsides, I think that the cinematics were more than enough to keep me awake throughout the game.  The boss battles were eye candy and pretty much carried the whole game.  This game is outstanding and I recommend playing it, but don't expect much from the common battle.