Now I have been a God of War fan ever since I played the demo, so far this is the only series that has made to the point where I could not put controller. With this fourth installment (I am counting the god of war game on the psp) they have taken it to new heights showing not only what games can do but what developers can do as well. even the first boss fight that you do is on the outstanding side of the scale and it just keeps climbing from there. Hopefully the team that did this series will continue with the outstanding work but for now here are my review


graphics- 10, I mean how many times have you fought a boss and you go from seeing it behind your character to seeing it through the boss' eyes (well until they are gouged out) so fluidly or watch as a centaur is gutted and the organs slowly ooze out and you can almost identify them, I mean holy cow

story- 10, the story as the rest of the series has been nothing short of outstanding

gameplay- 10, controls are easy to use for anyone

sound- 10, the voice acting, the score, everything was just plain awesome

replay- yes this is one that would go back and play just to find everything and earn every trophy you can get for it