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  • Blog Post: God of War Collection Review

    Overview: God of War. What can I say abou this game that hasn't already been said? In my humble opinion, this series single handedly revolutionized the hack & slash genre into what it is today. The God of War games back on the PlayStation 2 were a major part of my teenage years (I still remember... More
  • Blog Post: The God of War Still Doesn't Bore

    God of War I and II are two of the greatest action-adventure games ever created. The first game blew me away with its incredible combat, beautiful graphics, interesting story, and many other great elements that I never expected out of a game that wasn’t really on my radar before its launch. Then... More
  • Blog Post: Two'Fer

    Two classics. Refurbished. Packaged together. I'm all for it. I wonder which companies and games will follow suit?.. Trophies or achievement points are a nice incentive to go back and re-beat some of your old favorites. They also give you a reason to shoot for the replays on harder difficulty modes... More
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