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  • Blog Post: Kratos is a beast!!!

    What!!! Do these two games really need a review. Is there anyone on the planet who has not played God of War? just a joke, I'm sure there are. But seriously this is one the best games/series of all time. Kratos is BA, and the greek mythology that the game is bent around is some of the most historically... More
  • Blog Post: God of War Collection

    After playing through the first game with some buddies of mine in one night and then playing the second game on my own once again, this series is still amazing. It's great to be able to have these two great quality games on one disc. Though it seems that there wasn't much improvement on the graphics... More
  • Blog Post: The God of War Still Doesn't Bore

    God of War I and II are two of the greatest action-adventure games ever created. The first game blew me away with its incredible combat, beautiful graphics, interesting story, and many other great elements that I never expected out of a game that wasn’t really on my radar before its launch. Then... More
  • Blog Post: Two'Fer

    Two classics. Refurbished. Packaged together. I'm all for it. I wonder which companies and games will follow suit?.. Trophies or achievement points are a nice incentive to go back and re-beat some of your old favorites. They also give you a reason to shoot for the replays on harder difficulty modes... More
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