I fell in love with both of the God of War titles, and being the uber-nerd that I am, was also among the legions of fans who painstakingly mastered every nuance of the games, esp. God of War 2. This included the problematic arena challenges of the sequel, along with playing through the game in each special costume I earned - Minerva and COW were my favorites. God of War II was a title filled with over-the-top action sequences and an engaging score and graphics that - almost literally - drained every juice out of the PS2 (and my television, to say the least) like a vampire from True Blood or Twilight.

So, I came upon this copy a little wary - anyone who remembers the pounding and diabolical straits they went through to master Titan mode would agree - hoping that its classic combat and graphics wouldn't be altered and turned into some wussy byproduct of botched marketing. Thankfully, it all translates well; yet, the graphics do feel a bit jaded in contrast to the HD improvements, so the game can feel awkward at times when the enhanced scenes appear. However, that is not to say that the  game(s) do not retain their own landmark  and innovative styles that have been milked both successfully (Ninja Blade) and unsuccessfully (Too Human, anyone?) ever since the debut of Kratos.

You still square off in classic form against behemoths of all types in the first God of War, and you still get an equally epic trek to the Sisters of Fate in the second game; possibly one of my favorite sequels - let alone PS2 titles - of all time. Thus, players know what to expect if you've played these games before. If you haven't, then you can expect a visceral, and outlandish orgy of violence and unadulterated wrath from a character whose hatred and sheer will to survive will leave a lasting mark on all who experience it. 

Playing the demo for God of War 3 only cements my feelings about the last entry in this franchise; being able to use rechargeable Mana reserves for the bow, and also being able to counter with the fleece made me giddy with excitement, reminding me of the hours of painstaking labor trying to master this excellent countering feature. Squaring off against Helios and finishing him was garish, yet enjoyable, and I can't wait to square off against other major enemies. Fans and new comers will enjoy the way these two gaming classics have been treated.