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  • Blog Post: Game play only

    God of war is one of my favorite game franchise. This entry was good but missing a few things. You already know the story but you don't know how it happens. So the misteryis not there. The Game play is great and the graphics are even better then GOW3. The lack of weapons and combos make it a little... More
  • Blog Post: A Minor Misstep for a Stellar Series which is still Raising the Bar

    This was possibly the shortest God of War game to date, especially if you focus entirely on the plot arc and place it in chronological order. Very few events occurred in very few locations. This was the biggest disappointment for me, as the God of War series has first and foremost been a plot-driven... More
  • Blog Post: God of War Ascension Bigger, Badder, and Awesome

    God of War Ascension Gameplay: Pretty awesome, though it's hard to dodge knowing it position on the R3 you most likely have to stop attacking the enemy in order to dodge. But once you know the pattern of your enemy knowing when to dodge and attack will be better the second time. The rage is helpful... More
  • Blog Post: I dig it

    After spending a few hours with Kratos after work. I feel that all the running around I did to get my hands on the collectors edition day of...was worth it. The action figure is so handsome. The steel case is grand. I always favor those over plastic cheapies of course. I am still banging my head on the... More
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