God of War Ascension

Gameplay: Pretty awesome, though it's hard to dodge knowing it position on the R3 you most likely have to stop attacking the enemy in order to dodge. But once you know the pattern of your enemy knowing when to dodge and attack will be better the second time. The rage is helpful if you don't get hit by the enemy when their behind your butt 24/7 lol, but I gotta say it's the L1+ square helps a lot especially using Hades element. And Santa Monica studios sure brought the omg really more enemies factor I felt like crying every moment when I thought it was over BAM face that Gorgon Cobra which I find my worst nightmare been a fan of Medusa ever since but fighting them is the worst lol side note the Graphics were amazing I wish I can watch the background instead of being attacked by my idiot ruin the moment enemies xD.


Multiplayer: Dressing your character is awesome, it's fun playing with friends and finally choosing who would you fight for: Ares? Hades? Zeus? or Poseidon? I chose Zeus of course electricity is very shocking ; D bad thing is no female warrior? like a after all the tough women on God of War no Female Warrior that's kinda sad but's it alright not gonna complain just funny to think guys playing with another guy knowing a girl knows how to kick butt as well on God of War.


Storyline: Ok, confusing but I got it maybe not everyone's favorite but it's an passable story line. Furies and Ares wanted to over throw Olympus control it themselves got it. Kratos wanted to break his bond with Ares that's where the Furies sisters come in as they here to punish anyone who disobey oath's to gods or just Ares. Short summary Furies are loyal to Ares mainly and just doesn't want Kratos to stand in the way plus knowing their secret plan to over throw Olympus and control it which brings us to God of War 1 etc. etc. Not the worst storyline but does cause one to do more research from beginning to the end.


Final Thoughts: Trial of Archimedes whatever mode is on is annoying yes I was on Easy and it hurted my hands. But since I died once and didn't want a repeat again I upgraded all my weapons and still got red orbs left over why? Because I upgraded my weapons each time an orb reached 3 million or 3 thousand I highly recommend upgrading all your weapons before the trials and know your enemy pattern and use magic I won with Zeus weapon then at the end with the horseman Hades weapon that was my second try and won it all : D And honestly the game isn't that hard I didn't died by an enemy at all except for the trials I get killed by the background lol irony. And why Kratos is so not "Kratos"? guys read back of your game disc box "Before he was a God he was a Man" of course he's gonna act more human hello reason why it's in the past not God of War 4 what did you expect honestly? I saw it pretty clear. Anywho, I think this game even surpass God of War 3 and hopefully Santa Monica Studios will make God of War 4 I wanna know what happen to Kratos as well what's going to happen next until next time my fellow Warriors.

Here's a video from Tobuscus who made an awesome and funny version of Ascension trailer please watch and enjoy xD