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God Of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension Concept Art Gallery

Over the course of the God of War trilogy, is seems like Kratos killed nearly every god in existence. Our favorite Greek grump might be running out of deities to kills, but he’ll never run out of creatures to battle. Check out some of the early concept art pieces for the foes of God of War: Ascension.

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  • That looks awesome!
  • I haven't played any of these but I am planning on getting the collection. Did he kill any titans on the first games? Because one of those could be Hyperion. And that is one good looking foot.
  • Art looks cool, but I believe I'll pass on this God of War. After III, I just have no urge to play the series any longer.

  • I don't think they should make a god of war 4 he has killed way to many gods, and monsters, what's next fish?
  • it looks awesome

  • I'd hate to be the sub-contractor putting together a bid proposal for a statue job like that. Just the bond alone has to be astronomical. What bank is going to take that kind of risk? Then you have your prevailing wages on top of that, insurance, drug testing...
  • Very cool.

  • Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh

  • Mod
    Kratos is gonna kick that foot's ass!
  • DAYUM! Those legs go all the way up...

  • beautiful stuff!

  • He needs to take on Achilles!
  • I am really looking forward to another entry in this series!

  • Looks awesome! Wish I could play this! I do have a PS3.

  • BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That fourth drawing looks like a Thalos statue. Fighting one of those could make for a great boss fight.

  • this looks awesome!!! I have to play all the other games first though. but I want to see the rest of that statue first.
  • Could that be the foot of the statue from God of War II? :O

  • Seems like he's going after some more diverse creatures now- seeing as he's killed everyone else now... He did destroy Gaia for the most part, so maybe next he'll actually blow up the entire planet. God of War IV's final boss? Earth- I'm calling it. :p
  • I need to get a ps3.

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