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God Of War: Ascension

Learn About The Creation Of The First God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Boss

In a new blog post, a designer tells you about the process that went into creating the series first multiplayer boss, the one-eyed Polyphemus.

The designer, who calls himself "Izzy" in the blog post, details how he researched Polyphemus in the original Greek myth, and helped create an in-game Titan that was "ferocious" and a "constant element of danger" for multiplayer. In the extensive post, you'll see lots of character art that shows the evolution the boss went through.

In addition, there's also the trailer (below), which shows off more Ascension multiplayer, and reaction from fans at E3. For more, read Izzy's full blog post.

  • My anticipation for this game just keeps increasing!  Q1 2013 is shaping up to be better than the fall...

  • Looks cool. To bad i haz xbox
  • I swear, if there's a QTE aspect to weakening or finishing off bosses in this one, and you have to do it co-op, no way. Just no way.
  • Thats a lot of work for one boss
  • I love these kind of articles! I think I'm going to have to go pre-order this game...

  • Polyphemus looks like a pretty sweet boss.

  • I'm still unimpressed with what this new entry in the series has to offer. The story sounds boring, and the multiplayer seems to be unnecessary with this game. I can't understand why others find this new God of War to look amazing. The other games looked good and felt nice. I haven't played this of course, but the game is visually boring. I can't wrap my head around this. Why must this series continue. A prequel is just stupid. Even if the 3rd God of War left off with a big cliffhanger, Kratos could do no more than what he did in the previous games. There would be no point to develop such a game. Kratos could kill no other god. Roman gods? No, because Roman Gods are the Greek Gods, but with another specialized name. So instead of Poseidon, its Neptune. What would he kill? Jesus? God? Confucius? Allah? Those are the gods or messengers of major religions in the world. If a game was made about Kratos raping angels, tearing "Gods" arms off, and then proceed by disemboweling God by shoving his arms into his stomach, twisting the meaty extensions around; crushing his innards; then that game would be both offensive to millions, and just down right wrong. But a prequel on the other hand; taking you back to before he was a supposed human bad ass, is just lame. I wouldn't feel like a God of War. Its just pointless making this newest installment.
  • Wow, the game looks good

  • I've been reading several comments about this game on various sites, and I find it incredibly ridiculous that people write this game off as mediocre when so very little has been released about this game!
  • So...Izzy isn't the most uncommon name?

    Also, Polyphemus definitely wasn't that huge, Odysseus would've needed more men and a bigger piece of wood to blind him.

  • is that using maya?

  • Wow. that's all I can say.

  • Good lord... Gotta have a big screen tv just to see this whole thing!!! It is gonna be awesome, can't wait!!!

  • Good this will be great

  • I will absolutely never get how Kratos is supposed to topple a Cyclops if he's not a god in this title. . .

  • That guy at the beginning of the video was a contestant on The Tester!

  • I keep forgetting to go pre-order this, time to set an alarm in my phone.

  • I'll be extremely surprised if they put in any NEW elements (other than online multiplayer)into God of War Acension. I sense a redundant, monotonous, heap of pressing the 'X' button mixed with awkard camera angles and useless 'orbs' from treasure chests that are never fun to find. Quit wasting your time and money on this franchise.
  • Despite multiplayer being somewhat of an odd thing to add to God of War, I'm still looking forward to getting to whoop some more monster, demigod, and other mythical beings' butts. ;-)

  • Interesting.