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God Of War: Ascension

Sony Unveils God Of War: Ascension's Multiplayer

When news of God of War: Ascension’s existence leaked, many wondered what they’d see when Sony officially spilled the beans on the prequel. I attended a recent preview event in Hollywood for the game, and there was no shortage of chatter and predictions amongst journalists before the presentation began. Would the game take place before Kratos’ family died? If so, would he still have his trademark Blades of Chaos? What antagonists can he take down after slaying so many gods? When the presentation came to an end, we still didn’t have answers to these questions. Instead, we were shown a glimpse of the game’s new multiplayer mode.

Game director Todd Papy took to the stage to begin the demonstration, and it was clear that the team planned on teasing the crowd with some misdirection. The familiar image of Kratos’ face graced the menu screen, and the camera pulled out to reveal his body without his trademark ash-covered skin. He carried a large sword in lieu of his traditional blades, and pulled a mask down over his face. Suddenly, a cyclops burst out of a nearby door and began swinging his club wildly at Kratos. A battle ensued that resembled those of past games, with Kratos slashing at the creature’s legs while evading the swings of his club. Another masked human appeared and began fighting the Cyclops, revealing what everyone in attendance assumed to be a co-op mode. The duo teamed up to bring down the beast, with Kratos gutting him from the front while the other slashed his neck from the back.

Once the cyclops was dead, the two humans ziplined down to another battlefield. Numerous combatants swiped at each other with swords and hammers while the massive one-eyed Polyphemus (Poseidon’s son, a cyclops who was featured in Homer’s Odyssey) struggled to free himself from chains in the background of the arena. It didn’t take long to realize that what we were watching was a full-on multiplayer battle, with two teams of four eviscerating each other in this mode known as Execution – essentially a spin-off of Domination modes in other multiplayer games.

Combat was as dramatic as we’ve seen in God of War’s past, with the camera zooming in on brutal kills that split enemies from shoulder to stomach. When the character we were watching had a chance, he ran to a set of blue-tinted gears and rotated them until they turned red. After repeating this process with another set of gears, the glowing Spear of Olympus plummeted from the skies onto the battlefield. The red Spartan soldier grabbed the spear and began throwing it at the blue Trojan warriors, then worked his way towards Polyphemus in the background. On his way there, he was forced to dodge fire and spike traps that were sprung by the opposing team.

Once the Spartan reached Polyphemus (who Papy refers to as “the Megalops”), he began slashing at his giant fingernails until the beast lurched forward in pain. A Spartan soldier then leapt onto the beast’s face and slashed down across his lips, splitting his mouth in two vertically. At this point, the rest of the Spartan soldiers threw chain blades into Polyphemus’ single eye and pulled him closer to the edge of the platform they were standing on. The final image of the demo was of a Spartan soldier leaping towards the cyclops with a spear, ready to plunge it through the beast’s massive eye.

Considering the tease at the beginning of the demo, many questions were presented to Papy. While the demo began with the image of Kratos, the future God of War will not be included in multiplayer. Papy explained that he didn’t want online play to consist of a team of green Kratos’ going up against a team of yellow Kratos’, and he also didn’t want to give a single player the benefit of having control of him. “Nobody wants to be Robin, and we would have had a bunch of Robins,” said Papy.

Players will have a chance to level up their character and align themselves with a god. Your choice of worshipping Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, or Hades will determine which unlocks, perks, and special abilities your character gains. As you progress through the ranks, you gain access to more abilities and items, including customized armor sets. Papy explains that there won’t be any female combatants in the game, as they “do not look pretty” with the traditional combat equipment that multiplayer characters will be adorned with.

Sony Santa Monica is planning on featuring approximately seven multiplayer maps, with five large, unique environments (such as the Polyphemus stage we saw) and two smaller arenas. Split-screen support and drop-in/drop-out play is not included, and the player will be able to slightly alter the mostly fixed camera. The team says they’re more concerned with quality than quantity, so they want to keep the number of modes limited so as not to segregate the player base.

This first look at Ascension was intriguing, but there was a sense of disappointment in the crowd after they realized that we wouldn’t be learning anything about the single-player portion of the game (although Papy did confirm that the game will include one). Bringing multiplayer modes into a third-person action game presents different challenges than FPS titles, which was made more than apparent in the awful online play of Ninja Gaiden 3. On the other hand, Sony has always ensured that this franchise meets a high bar of quality, and we have to imagine it expects the same from multiplayer. Gauging the depth and fun factor of Execution after one brief demo is difficult, but it left us eager to learn more about God of War’s multiplayer debut.

  • Hell Yea!

  • While Mass Effect 3's multiplayer has certainly proved that developers inexperienced in multiplayer game design can still create very good multiplayer modes, this sounds like it will be incredibly unbalanced and spammy, and even if it is passable, I doubt the community will stay alive for long. Look at Bioshock 2... That said, it's an interesting concept at the very least, and it sounds like a nice experiment.

  • I knew it'd be some nonsense like this. Just continue the freaking story and give us a new protagonist. Enough of this prequel crap. Sony can keep it.

  • .........Why?

  • Bahahaha, enjoy your milk Sony, I'm going places old IPs can never reach.

  • When they showed this i felt okey, this can work! the game-play of winning to kill the monster etc sounds awesome! aslong as they keep it god of wary im all game!

  • Sounds interesting enough.

  • I'm not on the fence about this one. I'm looking through the fence at this one. Personally, GoW doesn't need any form of multiplayer. Is this what they meant by most ambitious title yet? All that extra effort should go towards the single player campaign. I'm glad to read that those that attended the early preview showed their disappointment at the lack of info concerning the single player portion. Co-op isn't what draws us to God of War. Here's a thought since everybody feels the need to release pointless special additions: Make a special edition that includes multi-player and one standard edition with just single player. Should the people that bought the standard edition ever want to play the co-op then offer it as a dlc.
  • multiplayer!!! i hate multiplayer!!! multiplayer kill the industry... kill the game... kill the pocket...


  • As a longtime God of War fan, I'm not really worried about multiplayer. In fact, it actually sounds fun - it seems like there will be a good amount of maps and modes and replayability included, which is nice.

    However, I do wish female characters had been included; the choice not to is ludicrous, especially since female skins for Kratos have been included in previous games. I sincerely hope they reconsider this decision.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to single player more than anything else, as most fans are.

  • this is an interesting twist. I hadn't eve considered a mulitplayer aspect of GOW. On the bright side the system of choosing to align yourself with a certain god and gaining abilities based on that alignment is kind of cool. I know it's essentially the same as choosing support or medic in Battlefield but it's still a unique way to tie the mythology into a multiplayer experience.

  • Loving the screens, especially the bizarre amour. From the over-the-top gold war mask, to the squid tentacles wrapped around the waist, & the grandiose blue/black sword. Talk about some sinful eye candy.

    Gotta admit; not too crazy about multiplayer for GOW, but it's not a game-breaker. I won't mind giving multiplayer a fair shake.

  • Really?.......really?

  • Every game doesn't need multiplayer, I'm already disappointed that this is a prequel, this just made it worse...

    Why not start another mythological journey with another civilization? Lets say Egyptian Gods

  • Sounds like something that will be fun for a while but wil getting boring over time

  • I am honestly kinda bummed we are getting another God Of War prequel. If they were gonna do another GOW make it a sequel or don't make it at all. But really where could they go with the series if all the gods are dead?
  • Why all these single player series' getting MP in them it's just wrong. Even though MP might be good in this game.

  • The screen shots look amazing! I cant even what the single player is going to be like. Cant wait

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