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Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator Hits Steam This Spring

The title is enough to make you take a second look. Yes, a game called Goat Simulator is actually coming out.

After a video hit showcasing some of the alpha gameplay, plenty of laughs and demands were heard across the Internet for Goat Simulator. In the video, people watched a pixelated goat climb ladders, knock over buckets, and run straight into objects. The video soon went viral, encouraging Coffee Stain Studios, the minds behind the recent Sanctum 2, to actually work on finishing the game as soon as possible. It was merely a prototype, but now it's a reality. The developers said they were inspired by old-school skating games, but instead of those fancy skateboarding tricks, they thought it'd be more fun to be a goat and wreak havoc. 

Goat Simulator is set to release this spring. You can preorder the game and get early access at Goat-Simulator.com

As seen in the below release trailer and screens, you're in for something...different. 

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  • THis is amazing!
  • GOTY!
  • Baaaahhhhh!
  • Totally ripping off The Amazing Frog

  • Well now, this is a game. I hate to say it, but I will probably spend plenty of hours fixated to this.

  • LMAO, it's one of those games that it's so weird it deserves a download.
  • Everytime I play as Daniel Bryan in WWE 2K14 its Goat Simulator

  • Hilarious.

    This thing will sell like hot cakes on Steam.

  • Hahaha

  • Sheep DLC for $0.99

  • How does PETA feel if you are playing as the animal being abused?
  • PS4 Port please

  • Dan's got to review it.

  • lol looks like fun

  • Finally I will know what it's like to be Stevie Nicks.


  • Looks like Pain, but with a goat

  • "They made me bleat. I made them BLEED"

  • Holy mother of holy awesomeness!

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