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New Free-To-Play Action Game Charges Onto PC In 2015

Independent developer Motiga has announced its new free-to-play game, Gigantic. The team-based multiplayer action title is coming to PC in 2015.

Gigantic is a MOBA where players choose from a number of playable characters, each with their own unique playstyle. They join a team of five other player characters to do battle against an opposing player team. The twist is that each team also has a one of several different guardians – gigantic monsters that fight alongside them. The object of the game is to defeat the opposing team’s guardian while protecting your own. 

Matches in Gigantic take place in an open map, where players are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of styles and strategies to defeat the enemy guardian before their opponents can defeat theirs. Heroes level up in battle, gaining access to new, stronger abilities on the fly. After each match, players earn rewards, which allow them to unlock new characters and upgrade their existing ones.

Gigantic has been in development since 2012 and is Motiga’s first release, but the studio is made up of several  veteran PC and console franchise developers, including Vice President James Phinney, who was the lead designer of StarCraft and Guild Wars. Gigantic releases free-to-play for PC in 2015. For more on the upcoming cooperative action game, check out the trailer above or the screen gallery below.  

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  • Meh.

  • Don't say the "M" word...
  • I tried to give MOBAs a chance, I really did, but after my experiences on LoL, DotA 2, and Dawngate, I have thrown in the towel on this genre entirely. Mind you, I didn't just jump into these games utterly oblivious to their mechanics, expecting everyone to drop what they were doing and hand-hold the new kid into tolerable competence; I took the time beforehand to study the gameplay, learn the rules and strategies, and play several games solo to become at the very least functional so that I wouldn't be a completely useless burden. Time and again, that proved not to be enough to stave off the juvenile and unacceptably godawful behavior of the fanboys that ruin the genre wholesale. Mind you, I'm no virgin to hazing; I'm a veteran submariner and initiation rituals and testing someone's character is part and parcel with the job description. But while one serves a purpose to build crew cohesion, morale, and trust between the men and women by your side, the other is a corrosive pit of human offal, serving no role greater than to allow sociopaths an outlet to inflict their maliciousness with little or no reprisal. I don't believe everyone that plays a MOBA is a monster, that would be asinine, but the ratio of decent to awful players is so lopsided that the scale has flipped over onto itself. Much as I would love to give this game a chance and contribute to its success, I can't invest time into something that on its best days might be enjoyable, but more often than not be a constant test of my patience and basic human decency. It's truly a shame too, because the aesthetic and twist to the fundamental gameplay is genuinely enticing. Maybe one day the repercussions of hateful behavior in these arena games will be severe enough to ward off the worst elements of the community, but I doubt I'll live long enough to see it and that lays a heavy weight upon my heart.
  • I guess free to play MOBA's really are becoming the next f2p MMO. But unlike MOBA's, I actually like MMOs. Unnecessary hate aside the art style of this game looked cool, but it sucks it had to be a MOBA.

  • Very smart decision putting that one second of gameplay at the end. I don't want to play a top down MOBA, and now I want to play this game

  • i'll try it, can't argue with F2P

  • Love the look if only is was a proper game and not a MOBA