Nice Shootin', Tex! Bronze Trophy Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.

-The $100,000 only counts towards the damage your character does, not the damage done by other Ghostbusters.
-If you're in a crowded area like the ballroom, Times Square or anywhere in the Sedgewick with a lot of stuff, let the other Ghostbusters do most of the work while you worry about reviving them.
-Once you have it, the Slime Tether is a great way to deal with ghosts with pinpoint accuracy. Either Slime Tether them into the floor to stun them, or Slime Dunk them into traps.
-For difficult enemies, make every shot count. Get up close and use Bozon Darts if you can, rather than spraying your Blast Stream around the room.
-If you're really struggling, keep in mind you can get this trophy on any difficulty. If you play through this on Easy, you can let the computer Ghostbusters do all the work in the hotel lobby and in Times Square to avoid doing any damage. From there it'll be a walk in the park.

Good luck and good shooting.