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Pessimistic opinions on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is doubted and underrated at the moment due to previous titles of the franchise, but there's no need to be pessimistic. I myself stand by Ghost Recon's games even through there worst, but this is looking like a hit. I personally had a friend who said the game who "suck" due to its last titles. We sat down and played the beta the first day it was released and immediately took back his words. No need to judge a book by its cover. Comment and tell of your similar opinions.

  • With no patch at this point the game is a dissaster. The beta showed promise but the game has so many problems to fix. Yesterday the servers were down for 9 hours and no patch came after and it's worse than before. I can't even get into a match. I have cable high speed internet btw and no problems with other games.

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