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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta impressions

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  • now that the beta has been out for nearly three weeks i think it is time to have a disscusion on the topic. what is your favorite class, game type, team,  weapons, and gadgets. what did you think of gameplay? graphics? my favorite class is the rifleman, he has lots of torso armor compared to the scout, which has the least armor of all three classes. my favorite game type is "conflict" because of all the objectives and secondary objectives available to you, and the objective/team wheel is awesome for when you need to find the fastest way to your objective or teammate. i like playing as the Ghosts, their HUD elements are nicer than the Bodark's and are easier to read(in my honest opinion), and their characters are far more cooler looking than the Bodark appearances. my favorite weapon is the ACR with a double drum magazine, Canadian camouflage (my home country), 40mm holoscope, and a compensator. my favourite gadgets are the "sensor grenade" and the drone.   

  • In my opinion, the beta was pretty fair. There were some bugs in the game, but can be dealt with considering it was only the beta. The Rifleman class is standard and is favored usually, as it is my favorite also. My favorite weapon so far was the ACR with an under barrel stun gun, suppressor, double mags, and red dot sight. The same goes for my secondary. My favorite gadget was the med kit and smoke grenade to use as cover while interacting with an objective. Graphics were great, some moments with a bit of a delay but definitely looking forward to the release of the full game.

  • i know the bugs killed me and same with the death assessment screens being off at times but it just a beta

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