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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Raven Strike DLC Announced

The hit tactical shooter is getting another dose of post-launch support from Ubisoft. Dubbed a "throwback to traditional Ghost Recon gameplay," Raven Strike is aimed at the hardcore crowd, with larger maps, complicated missions, and a high degree of difficultly.

The details from Ubisoft are below.

3 new missions in Campaign Mode:

Secure Dawn: a foggy marsh in Kazakhstan where the Ghosts will not be allowed access to advanced technology (no optical camouflage, drone or sensor grenade)

Cold Walker: a train depot on the Russian countryside

Argent Thunder: a nighttime urban setting in Moscow

1 new map in Guerrilla Mode:

Sawmill: face 50 waves of enemies on a foggy Russian countryside

Raven Strike will launch on September 11 for Xbox 360 (1,200 Microsoft Points) and PlayStation 3 ($14.99).

  • I couldn't ever play the mulit so I threw in the towel a couple of weeks ago. I've never played a more broken game. Hopefully everything gets fixed(or already has) but I heard the Arctic Strike bombed pretty hard. When it takes you well over a month to fix your game you owe the community something. Ubisoft gaurunteed that I'll never buy a shooter from them again though.
  • They never fixed the problems with the multiplayer so why the hell would I buy the DLC?
  • $15 for 3 missions and 1 map for thanks, at least arctic strike was worth it
  • How about a patch for multiplayer instead?
  • For some reason that blue heavy screen shot reminded me of 'The Thing' game. Kinda wish that would get a reboot in gaming.
  • This sounds a little overpriced, especially considering the various bugs and issues the game still has. I think the $10 price would be better.

    I really miss the original look from the 2009 E3 demo.

  • I played the game before on a friends pc and it really felt sloppy and half finished I was really glad I never bought it. I don't understand why they would release over priced dlc for a sloppy and half put together game IMO.
  • Not sure what issues other folks are having with the multiplayer. My experience has been pretty solid on PS3 with only a few hiccups here and there. My biggest gripe was that the PS3 version boasted Move support...which I and many others took to mean for gameplay and use of the Sharpshooter peripheral...but in reality only was usable in the Gunsmithing menus. Blatant false advertising IMO.

    That being said, I have enjoyed the game tremendously but feel 15 bucks for some campaign missions and a Guerrilla map is a bit steep. The campaign was just okay in the first place, and I have yet to even try the Guerrilla mode.

    I will take a pass on this DLC.
  • Ugh... this game is complete garbage.
  • This game is awesome! I don't understand what the complaints are about, the only thing wrong with multiplayer sometimes are ubisoft's servers and their lag, other than that the game is great. It gives a fresh take on the flooded market of military shooters.
  • My computer isn't good enough to play the last mission of this game well, it is maddening.

  • they blew it with this game, the worst hit detection I have ever seen in a game, terrible lag (I have never had problems with lag in any other game).  Not being able to play online with friends if they have even the slightest bit diffrent dlc than I do.  A kill cam which should just be taken out of the game completly, it never works, ever.  and they also need to change up the game modes a bit every round was either my team won and shut out the enemy team, or my team didnt score a single point against the enemy, I never once saw a close game.

  • i dont even bother with multi players..i only do campaign in this game so i might get it

  • Yay more campaign missions!

  • This game was amazing!!! i just hate ubisoft servers. but this isn't worth it.

  • looking forward to the secure dawn map, not looking forward to the 1200mp price though, i do love h how its a team game and not some lone ranger kinda crap, its nice to have your teammates help you out for once, also not fan of all the sensors and stuff though so its nice to go back to the old ways

  • Awesome! Looking forward to the new missions. I thought the game was great, Campaign was fun and interesting. Guerrilla is pretty intense with my boys. Marked my calendar


  • You know what would be really great? Proper servers, a fixed party system and guerilla matchmaking
  • Oh Ubisoft. How you've misjudged your audience. Why try to get the hardcore crowd after your game has flunked and then make us pay a fourth of the cost of the original game when you could've made a true Ghost Recon game from the beginning, kept a larger part of your player-base, and not be delusional enough to think people will drop $15 for DLC on a game no one is playing anymore.
  • I want it!

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