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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft Shows Off Gunsmith Mode In New Trailer

This groan-worthy live action trailer shows off the genuinely impressive customization Future Soldier's Gunsmith mode supports.

The newest trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is real stupid. It takes place at a fake "Gamer's Anonymous" meeting, in which a stereotypically nerdy gamer discusses Future Soldier's Gunsmith mode while he recalls getting high, neglecting his personal hygiene, and pretending to pleasure himself in his mom's house. Its idiocy rivals that of Ubisoft's Mr. Caffeine, but the actual information regarding the game's gun customization is interesting.

In addition to the 20+ million gun combinations, Gunsmith mode lets players use Kinect or PlayStation Move to customize firearms (the voice command system looks cool, at least), and players can download a free mobile app to create custom weapons while on the go. There's more information to be seen in the video, but you'll have to steel yourself against some pretty lame gamer stereotypes to see it.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22, and on PC on June 12. For more on the game, check out this multiplayer preview trailer.

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  • This game needs to drop already, that is all!

  • This commercial was trying way to hard to be funny. I sat through it and didn't even crack a smile... and then i got mad, because I reallized that the writers of this commercial have job. Thats just sick!!! That being said I'm a hudge fan of the game...really looking forward to it it's release.
  • Looks like Ubisoft is finding its base again. I think I'll be playing this and Ghost Recon Online.

  • Does anyone else speculate about what the cheesy trailers might point to when the game comes out?

  • This game looks very promising, very cool customization tool.

  • I was not easily impressed by the multiplayer. Perhaps the campaign will be worth it, so maybe I'll rent it.

  • I don't think that the commercial was that stupid. I mean it's pretty clever and I agree they could've changed some things, but not all of it.

    On a different note, this looks promising.

  • I'm still weary about the game but that was a pretty funny trailer.

  • I am so glad that I put down 45 dollars on this the last time I went to GameStop. Ive never felt fully secure with a Tom Clancy game, but with this one, I had a feeling. I mean even the net CoD is stealing that helicopter thingamajig. I am pumped for this game and am sure that it will eat up most of mu summer along with a few prestiges of CoD.

  • Played the beta for this game multiple times and I have to say...it's complete S@%#T. Not fun at all and it plays so clunky and annoying.
  • Cant wait for this game, man its going to be a great thing to hold me till Borderlands 2.
  • it looks sick but I hope its not just overly gimmicky

  • Definitely skeptical after seeing some of the "in game" footage. . This trailer was 50% funny 50% complete trash - something I've never witnessed before. Usually if it's somewhat good, the other half is cheesy but this time the other half was like pathetic.. awful.. Gunsmith, I think rather obviously, is the only thing this game has going for it.. Barely mentioned a single other thing. I'll sport it out and if it's worthy I'll buy it.. depending on it's multiplayer ineptitude
  • i wasnt gonna buy this game before i played the beta but after that i loved what i played and am definitely buying this game within a month of its release date. and if it sucks i will never trust the series again

  • I absolutely hated the previous GR games, I think I'm skipping this.
  • I can't even get the beta so I don't really know what to say about this trailer or the actual game.

  • Never played a GR game this looks awesome so ill probably get it !!

  • Question: Is this game wirth $60!? I have been thinking about getting this game for awhile... this is a step in the right direction though! (I'm at 68.7% on buying this now) Before I was 55.3%... if it eventually crosses my 85% threshold I will get this. But I need to hear more though.
  • Imma be on the next episode of Intervention when this come out lol