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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Familiarity Reigns In Ghost Recon’s Guerrilla Mode


We’re about six weeks from the release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Ubisoft is giving PAX East attendees an early look at the game’s Horde-like Guerrilla mode. With fifty waves of enemies to blast through, the publisher claims that a full playthrough of the mode will take gamers over five hours. We had a chance to play through four waves on the show floor, and the mode seems to be little that we haven’t seen before.

Ubisoft’s demo started us on wave five, and we were already outfitted with a selection of weapons and support items. At the outset of each round, airdrops that represent new weapons and items are indicated with red and blue smoke, respectively. Each of the four team members has about thirty seconds to grab what they want, set up claymores, and get in position. Once the timer hits zero, a new wave of enemies enters the battle.

Teamwork is necessary to make it through these waves, and tagging enemies is critical to success. I found that whenever I pointed out an enemy location, it was a matter of seconds before someone on my team took him down with a few assault rifle rounds. Considering how quickly you can be taken down yourself, it’s to everyone’s benefit if you call out for a revive as soon as you’re injured.

The four waves I played tasked us with protecting a glowing blue HQ, which we defended from cover. On the rare occasion a member of my team did a roadie run through open air, it wasn’t long before he was bleeding out on the ground. Players will have to defend this static primary objective for ten waves at a time before the location moves.

Wave streaks are available as you progress, and the Ubisoft representative hesitantly told me they were similar to Call of Duty’s killstreak rewards. I only saw two during my time with the game, and they were a UAV and optic camouflage. There were still three slots for additional streak rewards, but they weren’t on display at this event.

While nothing about the mode seemed broken, I walked away feeling that Guerrilla seemed very uninspired. It may have only been four waves out of fifty, but nothing felt particularly original or entertaining. It’s just one mode in a bigger game, but it left me hoping for more innovation in the overall package of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.


  • This game looks really good.
  • This survival mode or horde mode or firefight or whatever people wanna call it, this game looks to be one hellova' game. And a solid one. Really stoked about this
  • Anybody know what the main platform is? Just curious... im thinking xbox due to the "better with kinect."
  • So sick of horde mode in games these days but Ghost recon games were always better than COD imo. It just has such a cool sleek style.
  • hopefully it is as good on the kinect as they advertised in E3, even if i don't own one
  • do all shooters try to include horde like modes now?
  • This games is really making something of itself I hope it doesn't fall flat when its actually out

  • All of this sounds cool, but I'm a fan of the "Take your timeness" of the older GR games. So I just hope that with all of these awesome new features, they don't jack the gameplay up to 110 MPH like the CoD games.
  • What is _not_ mentioned in this article, but is mentioned (and shown) in Matt Miller's posting ( http://www.gameinformer.com/games/ghost_recon_future_soldier/b/xbox360/archive/2012/03/29/watch-the-ghost-recon-guerilla-mode-video.aspx ) is that before you defend the zone for those ten waves, you have to sieze it first... and just like in the campaign missions, a stealthy approach is strongly recommended. By choosing to start the demo mid-wave, and skipping this key addition to the move, it's no surprise the Ubisoft reps there gave Dan the impression that there wasn't anything really new here. Oops. For his part, it also seems apparent that Dan was not aware of this addition in the first place (otherwise, I imagine, he would have made the very point I just did).
  • I'm really hoping this game revitalizes my faith in military shooters. This demo doesn't sound too thrilling though. =/

  • awesome, love this

  • i Can't wait!

  • Demo sounds boring, but I hope the singleplayer is good.

  • I'm really hoping this game turns out good.  I loved the original games and the GRAWs were pretty fun, too.  Future Soldier looks like an even bigger departure from the original concept, but I have no reason to doubt it won't grow on me when I play it.

    Horde mode got old for me real fast, so I probably won't end up playing whatever version of it they have in this game anyway.  At least Gears 3 added the tower defense stuff and progression, but even that didn't hold my attention for more than a few hours.  As long as the single player and more importantly the competitive multiplayer is decent I could care less.

  • Well, Rainbow Six's Terrorist Hunt has ALWAYS been fun. I hope they that back in Patriots.

  • Everything I have heard about this game is so mediocre. Nobody seems to really care about it. All previews are always down on it. And it will probably have an online pass, which means if I wanted to play it i'd have to buy it used...I have a good feeling this ones just going to fall between the cracks.

  • Well it's gotta do something new right? I mean, making a good game doesn't matter, it's gotta be innovative or it's not worthy to wipe the dog crap off my shoes. If a mode that wasn't around five years ago doesn't do anything I haven't seen before, I'm going to kill myself. *rolls eyes* You're like the people who want their cell phones to do everything, but they still don't have reception to make a phone call.

  • What? At the end of the article, there's criticism but no clear reason. That made me disappointed, I thought Guerrilla looked very interesting, but if it's not I'd like to see some reasoning.
  • I pretty woried about this game I want it to be good.
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