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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft Rolls Out Info On Beta, Ghost Recon Network

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launches on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 22, but players can get their hands on the game's multiplayer action before then. Ubisoft has announced details on the beta, which is set to go live in a few short weeks.

The beta will begin April 19 and will continue through May 2 on both platforms. Players can check out the rifleman, engineer, and scout classes, and two game modes. In Conflict, players race to complete objectives strewn throughout the map. After 15 minutes, the team with the highest score wins. Saboteur, set to launch April 26, has players scrambling to find a bomb and then deliver its explosive payload at the opposing team's base. Each mode is playable on the Pipeline and Mill levels.

On the Xbox 360, players can access the beta through their copy of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction or by preordering Future Soldier from GameStop. PlayStation Plus members will get access to the PlayStation 3 version of the beta.

In addition to revealing details on the game's beta, Ubisoft has announced the Ghost Recon Network. Players can track their in-game stats, change their loadouts, or manage their squads online using a Web browser or an iOS or Android device. The service is scheduled to roll out when the game is released on May 22. Members of the multiplayer beta can get a sneak peek at some of its functionality. Take a look at the trailer below for more information.



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  • Seems more like a demo than beta. (-_-)
  • Cool!

  • always is good when u can try out a game before you buy it

  • The iOS app is a nice touch. Looking forward to what the beta will offer!

  • No love for PCers?
  • aww,so they aren't just releasing a demo for everybody to try out?! Why do I need to pre-order a game to play the demo!!!
  • looks gr8... sad 4 pc fanz...
  • I was looking into this game. Though, backlog means I won't be getting to it right away. It's definitely near the top of my "To-Play" list.

  • I'll try it, but I can't see myself sticking with it, since I'll be replaying The Witcher 2 :)
  • I will rent this, as I will probably be tired of it after about 15 hours.

  • Looks so much like battlefield 3. Can't you guys see?
  • Looks so much like battlefield 3. Can't you guys see?

  • Trying to make me buy *** just to try the game? Thanks now Im not buying this game at all for sure. Dont be greedy next time.
  • This game has been delayed so much lets hope it doesn't suck!

  • Well, everyone cries that military shooters make more money then they know what to do with... I reckon implementing these sort of full blown mobile device friendly networks cuts into what would otherwise be straight revenue from sales. Is adding in this sort of thing becoming a prerequisite for a AAA multiplayer shooter o.o?

  • why does every game start doing this now?

  • wanted to see the beta

  • I plan to check out the beta. This game has been grabbing my attention.

  • I really dont like when beta's do this. It should be a beta not a demo. Besides that I hope it turns out good but I really dont know if I want this game or not...

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